Plan of the Battle of Glendale and White Oak Swamp

Historical map of Glendale and White Oak Swamp

Also known as Frazier's Farm and Charles City Crossroads, fought June 30th, 1862

Sneden, Robert Knox, 1832-1918.

Concerns the Battle of Frazier's Farm, Henrico County, Va., 30 June 1862, variously known as the Battle of Glendale and the Battle of White Oak Swamp. Considered one of the Seven Days' Battles, 26 June-1 July 1862. Map indicates Union and Rebel brigades with lines of cavalry and artillery and shows homes of local residents, churches, and locations of livestock.

Bottom margin of map:
"Copy of map made for Maj. Gen. S.P. Heintzelman, Commanding 3rd Army Corps, by R.K. Sneden, Topgr. Engineer, July, 1862."
Original scrapbook housed in the Museum Department of the Virginia Historical Society (1994.80.4-525) with restricted access.
This item is from the collections of the Virginia Historical Society; please contact the institution for more information.
Robert Knox Sneden diary (Mss5:1 Sn237:1), Virginia Historical Society.
In the Robert Knox Sneden Scrapbook, 1870-1899 (p. 165).

Scale [ca. 1:33,200].

Virginia Historical Society, P.O. Box 7311, Richmond, VA 23221-0311 USA

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