New Market | May 15, 1864

New Market, Va.

Maj. Gen. John C. Breckenridge’s advance moved through the town of New Market down the Valley Pike. Federal skirmishers were pushed back to a rise north of the Jacob Bushong farm, where Maj. Gen. Franz Sigel formed a defensive line. Breckenridge kept the VMI Cadets in reserve and moved his line forward. As both sides maneuvered their regiments, Sigel’s artillery came under intense rifle fire, forcing the batteries of Capt. Alonzo Snow and Capt. John Carlin to retire. Sensing an opening, Breckenridge ordered his entire force forward, including the Cadets. Modern day Interstate 81 bisects the battlefield. The Bushong farm, scene of the VMI Cadets charge, has been restored.

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Result: Confederate Victory
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