The Key to East Virginia

The Key to East Virginia Library of Congress

Historical map of Hampton Roads

Positions of Fortress Monroe, Rip Raps, Newport News, Sewalls and more on Hampton Roads & Elizabeth River drawn by M. K. Couzens, Civ. Eng. Litho. Lang & Laing, N.Y.

Couzens, M. K.

New York, W. Schaus, c1861.

Scale ca. 1:40,000.
Reference: LC Civil War Maps (2nd ed.), 545
"Description of Fortress Monroe" appears in the lower left corner of the map. The important features at Fortress Monroe are keyed by letters to a list.
Inset: [Map of eastern Virginia and Maryland] Scale ca. 1:4,000,000. 13 x 14 cm.
Description derived from published bibliography.

Library of Congress Geography and Map Division Washington, D.C. 20540-4650

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