John Stricker

Portrait of John Stricker
TitleBrigadier General
War & AffiliationWar of 1812 / American
Date of Birth - DeathFebruary 15, 1759 - June 23, 1825

John Stricker, born February 15, 1759 in Fredrick, Maryland, was the son of Colonel George Stricker. His father commanded the First Maryland Regiment during the Revolution, and John was present at the battles of Princeton, Brandywine, and Monmouth. After the Revolution, he went into finance and banking in Baltimore. When Baltimore was threatened during the War of 1812, Stricker was made a Brigadier General and given command of the Third Brigade of the Maryland Militia, tasked with defending the city. His troops were ordered to North Point, where he successfully slowed the British advance, mortally wounding the British commander, Robert Ross, in the process. His men fell back to the defensive line north of the city and held there until the British withdraw following the failed bombardment of Fort McHenry. After the War of 1812, Stricker returned to civilian life. He died on June 23, 1825 and is buried in Baltimore.

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