Guy Carleton

Portrait of Guy Carleton
TitleCommander-in-Chief, America; Commander-in-Chief, Quebec; Major General
War & AffiliationRevolutionary War / British
Date of Birth - DeathSeptember 3, 1724 - November 10, 1808

Carleton, a career Army officer of Anglo-Irish decent, was Governor of Quebec from 1768 to 1778 and 1785 to 1795. He was a veteran of the War of Austrian Succession, Jacobite Rebellion, and Seven Years War, serving with the 25th Regiment of Foot. During the Seven Years War Carleton was made Lieutenant Colonel of the 72nd Regiment of Foot. As Governor, Carleton was active during the defense of Canada; commanding the defenses during the Siege of Quebec and the British Fleet at the Battle of Valcour Island. Recalled to England after 1778, Carleton was named Sir Henry Clinton’s successor as military Commander-in-Chief after the surrender at Yorktown, overseeing the evacuation of New York in 1783. After the Revolutionary War, Carleton was appointed Governor-in-chief of British North America, overseeing Quebec, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and Prince Edward Island, though his influence did little outside Quebec. Raised to the Peerage in 1786 as First Baron of Dorchester, he died in 1808. 

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