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Send Students on School Field Trips to Battlefields – Your Gift Tripled!

The Opportunity  

To help fight back against the alarming decline of history education, and ensure our future, we’re doing something very simple: Raising funds to help put students on hallowed ground. 

A generous donor has stepped forward with up to $50,000 in matching funds with the power to triple your gift towards battlefield field trips for students.  

With their help and yours, we can raise enough to help send as many as 2,500 American students on school field trips, and give potentially millions more the best Virtual Field Trip experience available! 

The Background 

Schools are back in session and most pandemic restrictions have been lifted, which means our young people should once again have the extraordinary, life-changing opportunity to experience America’s battlefields. 

But without our help now, many of them may never have the chance. 

Due to budget constraints in most school systems, field trips are the first thing to be cut. Now, fewer American students than ever are experiencing these sacred battlefields. 

If schools can’t afford field trips, or don’t replace the field trips that were canceled during the pandemic, how will history ever come to life for a new generation of Americans? 

We want to afford more students the opportunity to stand on the hallowed fields where freedom was won, and understand that young people — some not much older than they are now — fought valiantly and risked their lives for our nation and our freedom.

You can help. By helping the American Battlefield Trust raise the funds needed in the next 30 days to unlock the matching gift fund, you can help send as many as 2,500 American students on school field trips to experience history for themselves where it happened. 

It’s rare for such a modest investment to potentially produce such a tremendous return, but just one field trip can change a student’s life — and our country — forever! 

And now your gift can also help reach millions more students! You see, we respect that there are some schools that simply don’t have the funds to take a field trip to a battlefield, or the distance is simply too great. But we don’t feel any student should be deprived of the experience of experiencing our history... 

Over the last two years, Trust historians and battlefield experts have created and prepared six new Virtual Field Trips that teachers at any school in the country can share with their students. 

These are fascinating, immersive experiences that take students to Boston ... to Washington, D.C. ... to Charleston ... to Vicksburg ... and to New Orleans ... without ever getting on a bus! 

Help bring history to life for students on the battlefield!  

Your generosity today will help bring history to life on the battlefields, online, and in the classrooms for thousands of students of all ages across our great nation. 

Donate Now

And as a special recognition for helping make in-person field trips a reality this year, we will print your name on a “Proud Supporter of Field Trips to American Battlefields” card. We will display the cards on our walls to highlight the names of all of our dedicated members who have so generously helped send students on battlefield field trips. 

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