Hanging Rock Battlefield, S.C.
Brian Keeley Photography

Save the Southern Campaign

In the Spring of 1781, American General Nathanael Greene called the Southern colonies “one continuous scene of blood and slaughter.”  When the British sent troops to key ports in Georgia and South Carolina, Patriot forces fought them and their Loyalist allies at places like Hanging Rock and Eutaw Springs in South Carolina, and Kettle Creek, Georgia.  Though the Americans did not always prevail, they remained determined.  “We fight,” Greene wrote, “get beat, rise, and fight again.”

The determination of Greene and countless others paid large dividends.  Many historians now believe that the Revolutionary War was won in the South, at places like Kettle Creek, Hanging Rock, and Eutaw Springs—battles that are often forgotten today.  

Thanks to the support of our members, we have already saved more than 1,000 acres at battlefields from this overlooked—but crucial—period in American history. We now have the opportunity to save 209 acres at three battlefields from the Southern Campaign, including 180 acres at Kettle Creek, the first Revolutionary War land we have saved in the state of Georgia.  Like those early American patriots, we now have the opportunity to rise and fight again to save these 209 acres and protect the hallowed ground where our independence was won.

Help Save the Southern Campaign!

Every $1 you give turns into $7.75 to save an enormously important part of our history that few people know about. Not only are you saving history, but you are making history at the same time.
Jim Lighthizer, Civil War Trust President