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Park Day @ Mossy Creek Battlefield at Glenmore Mansion

Upcoming Event
Saturday, April 15, 2023 @ 10:00 AM - 2:00 PM EDT

1280 N Chucky Pike
Jefferson City, TN 37760

For More Information
Meeting place
Mossy Creek Battlefield is located all around Glenmore Mansion on properties within a 5 mile radius. It includes the railroad which the confederates marched on from Talbott Station. Volunteers for Park Day should meet in front of the mansion by 10 am to hear the schedule and have a picture before starting our work. Some tools are available as well as water bottles.
Planned Activities
Please Bring gloves, tools and trucks for an all out cleanup of the premises and gardens. The interior of the mansion will be open May 1st -Oct 31, plus added dates for Weddings and planned events. Our Park Day will be spent on the exterior grounds, the cemetery and the road. We are asking for volunteers for the garden areas, the fence line, clean-up along the roads, and general maintenance.
History or Educational Activities
Historians will be available in several locations. The Glenmore front porch will be ground zero. The Branner Cemetery and the Mossy Creek Site. Children and Adults can see for themselves how large the battlefield was and how close it was to our homes. We can remember the regular guy and his wife and children. If you look at the census for 1860 you will find a number of these people. Check later to see what happened to them.
Should I bring any tools or supplies?
Gloves, buckets, shovels, rakes, clippers, snips, and a smile! We will have some chairs but bring a blanket if you want and extra chairs.
Is there a rain date?
In the instance of inclement weather, Park Day will continue as planned.
Please note
Please spread the word this is a day set aside for the town to come together and spend a day in respect of those who lived on our streets and fought for the safety of our people. The world around Mossy Creek was volatile, people were terrified, hungry and just plain tired of the fighting. Let's tell the stories to our children and let them see the graves of our elders for themselves.

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