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Breakout Sessions, Lectures & Tours

2023 National Teacher Institute

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American Battlefield Trust Event

Keynote Sessions:

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Saturday Tours:

The "American Rome": A Tour of Washington D.C. and Its Monuments

Visit some of the most iconic sites of our nation’s capital with a walking tour of Washington, D.C. We’ll start in front of the White House, walk over to the Mall and take in the  World War II Memorial. Then visit the memorials for the Vietnam and Korean Wars, the Lincoln Memorial, and the Washington Monument. After lunch, we’ll visit Arlington National Cemetery. Along the way, tour guides Douglas Ullman, Jr., and Chris Mackowski will touch on history from the Revolution through the Civil War. Engage with history into and through the Civil Rights Movement and the tumultuous 1960s, as well as the great military conflicts of the 20th Century. (Expect a lot of walking!)

Lunch is included with this tour.


The Gettysburg Stuff Your Students Will Love the Most!

A battlefield tour can inspire critical thought, make someone appreciate the past, and maybe even spark a lifelong interest in a particular subject, but how can you bring Gettysburg—the place, the stories, the meaning—back to your students? What elements of a battlefield tour can work in your classrooms or ball fields?  From strategy and tactics to soldiers and suffering, to photos and folklore and more, this tour will use Gettysburg’s famous places and Trust resources to help bring the battlefield to your students.

Lunch is included with this tour.

The Rocket’s Red Glare: Fort McHenry and the Star Spangled Banner

With the abdication of Napoleon in the spring of 1814, Great Britain refocused its efforts on the conflict raging in North America. The British high command decided to launch a major offensive in the Chesapeake. After landing in southern Maryland, a British army routed an American force at Bladensburg before burning Washington, D.C. With the initiative firmly in hand, the British set their sights on Baltimore, the third-largest port in the United States. The coming battle would help determine the outcome of the war and give birth to the American National Anthem.

Join Dan Davis, the Trust’s Senior Education Manager and Emerging Revolutionary War historian Phillip S. Greenwalt as we explore the Battle of Baltimore (and Phill's hometown). We'll visit North Point, Fort McHenry, and other sites related to one of the most famous campaigns from the War of 1812, America’s forgotten conflict.

Lunch is included with this tour.

Sunday Tours:

"By the Dawn's Early Light": Fort McHenry

Take a half-day and visit one of the most famous sites in American history—Fort McHenry National Monument and Historic Shrine. Join National Park Service staff as they peel back the layers of history. The story of the fort is more than one battle and our National Anthem. Learn about the life of the fort and its impact on local and national history.

Lunch is NOT included with this tour.


Hampton: The Story of America

Once possibly the largest private home in America by 1790, the Hampton mansion serves as a grand example of late-Georgian architecture in America. Hampton is also the story of its people, as the estate evolved through the actions of the Ridgely family, enslaved African Americans, European indentured servants, and paid laborers within a nation struggling to define its own concept of freedom. Explore the home and grounds with the staff of the National Park Service.

Lunch is NOT included with this tour. 

The B&O Railroad Museum

All aboard for this tour of one of Baltimore's most popular museums. The Baltimore & Ohio Railroad played a vital role during the Civil War and was one of the largest railroads on the East Coast. Explore this amazing museum with a guided tour, and then take some time to take it all in yourself.

Lunch is NOT included with this tour.