Brandywine Battlefield
Meredith Barnes

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YOU are in command of the Continental Army

We are very excited to refight the entire Battle of Brandywine (but in a decidedly safer environment)!

American Battlefield Trust

We’re hosting our second interactive wargame with Little Wars TV, a historical wargaming channel where they refight some of the most famous battles in history with miniature soldiers, to bring it to life. And we want you to be a part of it.

The game will be played and filmed on the Brandywine battlefield on hallowed ground that Trust members helped to preserve. On the anniversary of the conflict—September 11, 2021—the full video will be released to show how your choices changed the course of history.  So, take a few moments, vote, and play along!

Ready to vote?

You now have the opportunity to assume the role of American General George Washington or British General William Howe. You’ll face some of the critical strategic decisions they made and see if you can help rewrite history. By clicking the links to the polls below you will be able to influence decisions that will have ripple effects throughout the entire game and battle.

Vote for the British Actions at Little War TV! 

Brandywine British Actions
Little Wars TV

​The British army is encamped at the village of Kennett Square with 15,000 men. Just a few miles ahead, a rebel army of equal size is fortifying positions along the Brandywine Creek. We have reliable reports from loyalist Quakers—God-fearing subjects of the King—about George Washington's defenses. It is now up to you to help General Howe and his staff prepare a winning strategy for the battle ahead. How will we cross the Brandywine?

  1. FLANK ATTACK NORTH. Send Knyphausen up the center as a feint, while dispatching Cornwallis with the main body on a long (and ponderous) northern flank march.
  2. FRONTAL ASSAULT. Send Knyphausen's wing on a flank march as a noisy diversion while Cornwallis leads the main assault at Chadds Ford, up the middle, to bash through the American line.
  3. BROAD FRONT. The Americans are thin and overstretched. Take advantage of this weakness by attacking across a wide front and making use of multiple fords simultaneously to overwhelm the rebels. 

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Vote for the American Actions! 

Vote American Actions Brandywine
  1. DEFENSE IN DEPTH. Concentrate the army at the main crossing of Chadds Ford with entrenchments. Dispatch scouts to watch and monitor the nearby fords to the north and south.
  2. AGGRESSIVE DEFENSE. Take a more proactive defense, sending a full division across the Brandywine to harass the British advance while also bolstering defenses at the other fords to be ready for possible British probes.
  3. ATTACK. Launch a spoiling attack across the Brandywine to give the British a bloody nose, surely catching them off-guard