Make some history this weekend.

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For a day trip or a long weekend, Gettysburg means wonderful food, shopping, and of course history, on America’s greatest battleground and site of Abraham Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address.

A battlefield lets you enjoy the outdoors, spend time with friends and family, and immerse yourself in history. Best of all, the 25-square mile battlefield literally surrounds the town of Gettysburg, so, it’s easy to enjoy a hike before Sunday brunch or hit the outlet mall before an evening stroll! To add some history to your next holiday, start with an itinerary below.

Historic Happenings

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From battleground to hallowed ground, this day plan is built for those who want to jump right into history.

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Family Fun

Enhance your historical experience with fun and family-friendly activities all weekend long!

  • Print or download your tour map.
  • Wear out the kids with battlefield activities—while touring the battlefield, walk a hilly trail, climb an observation tower or walk the course of the most famous attack in American history—Pickett’s Charge! Or consider riding the double-decker bus around the battlefield! Sit on top for the best view. You can also tour by Segway!
  • Take a lunch break at the kid-friendly Tommy’s Pizza or super-tasty Mexican food at Montezuma’s.
  •  Keep the kids active and engaged with a visit to:  
    • Get to know the people of Gettysburg’s past via a variety of Gettysburg Town tours.
    • Zoom into one family’s experience at the Shriver House Museum.
    • Check out a Gettysburg battle diorama with 8,000 miniature felines fighting at Civil War Tails.
    • For paranormal enthusiasts there are numerous experiences in Gettysburg, Civil War Tails— but the original Gettysburg ghosts stories can be heard at the Farnsworth house.
    • See the Land of Little Horses, where your kids are taller than the equines!
  • Stop off for ice cream at Mr. G’s.
  • Ease into evening with delicious comfort food at the sport’s-themed Gettysburg Eddie’s.

Retail Therapy

From antiques and art to clothing and cocktails, we’ve pulled together a plan for historical fun and lasting memories.

Romantic Gettysburg

Gettysburg is teeming with recreation, history and activities perfect for connecting with your better half.

  • Print or download your tour map.
  • Stroll around the historic and beautiful Culp’s Hill and Spangler’s Spring.
  • Have a great lunch and a pint at Garryowen Irish Pub.
  • Enjoy a sunset from a boulder on Little Round Top.
  • Have a romantic dinner on the square at The Pub & Restaurant.
  • Test the bounds of your relationship at the Escape Gettysburg escape room.
  • Enjoy a tasty brunch at the tiny Food 101.

Before you go

We’ve got some tips and advice for prepping for a visit to Gettysburg including hours, weather, accommodations, and directions -- everything you need to make your visit a comfortable and memorable one!