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Old Exchange and Provosts Dungeon

South Carolina

122 E Bay St
Charleston, SC 29401
United States

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The "Old Exchange" was a symbol of the importance of Charleston as a harbor in the Southern Colonies prior to the revolution, and it maintained its significance well after independence. Use as storage and an "exchange" for imported and exportable goods, the warehouse was used as a dungeon for Patriot forces captured during the fall of Charleston. After the war, it was used by the government of South Carolina to debate the ratification of the US constitution. 

The building is available for self-guided tours, and also allows access to the half-moon battery which defended the harbor against British invasion.

Old Exchange and Provosts Dungeon: What's Nearby

Charleston, SC
Rev War  |  Museum
Old Exchange and Provosts Dungeon
Charleston, SC
Fort Johnson
Charleston, SC

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