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Morris-Jumel Mansion

65 Jumel Terrace
New York, NY 10032
United States

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This historic mansion in the middle of Manhattan was built in 1765 by loyalists Roger Morris and his wife Mary. After the British captured New York, it served as the headquarters for many notable figures in the British and Hessian armies, including Henry Clinton and Baron von Knyphausen. After the war ended, the new American government confiscated the house from Morris. It later served as a popular tavern until it was bought by the Jumel family in 1810. It also became a center of controversy when Eliza Jumel married the disgraced Vice-President Aaron Burr in 1832 and filed for divorce soon after. George Washington, John Adams, and Thomas Jefferson were also known to have visited the site at different points. 

Don't Miss:

  • In addition to the main museum, the Mansion hosts frequent special exhibitions and performances on a variety of topics, including theater productions and paranormal investigations. 

  • The website for the mansion includes a virtual model of the first two floors during the holiday seasons. 

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