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John Trumbull Birthplace

169 W Town St #1550
Lebanon, CT 06249
United States

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Known as John Trumbull’s birthplace, the Trumbull family home in Lebanon, Connecticut, was built in 1735 by Joseph Trumbull as a wedding present for his son Jonathan and his wife, Faith Robinson. Jonathan became the governor of the Connecticut Colony in 1769 and then the first Governor of the State of Connecticut in 1776. Throughout the American Revolution, the home served as a center for Patriot activity in the area.

On June 6, 1765, John Trumbull was born in the home, and he served as an aide to George Washington and became a prominent painter in the newly formed United States. He painted numerous portraits of the revolutionary generation and several paintings that are now displayed in the Capitol Rotunda.

In 1830, the Trumbull family home was moved several hundred feet from its original location. In 1935, the home was bought by the Connecticut chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution and registered as a National Historic Landmark in 1965. Today, the home is open for visitation.

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