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Corinth Contraband Camp


902 North Parkway Street
Corinth, MS 38834
United States

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Many African-Americans who fled Southern plantations and farms seeking freedom and protection, found the Union-occupied Corinth to be a secure location. Union General Granville Dodge began to enlist these escaped slaves as teamsters, cooks and laborers. He actively recruited male refugees, armed them and placed them in charge of security at the newly organized camp in Corinth. Dodge's administrative efforts led to the formation of the 1st Alabama Regiment of African Descent, consisting of approximately 1,000 men. Today a portion of this camp has been set aside to commemorate the events which changed the lives of so many people. Bronze figures surround the trail through the camp, depicting the lives of these people considered to be "contraband" of war.

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Corinth, MS
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Corinth, MS