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The American House of Fritztown & Pappy G's Tavern


737 Fritztown Road
Sinking Spring, PA 19608
United States

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Craig J. (Kimmel) and Dianne M. (Gelsinger-Dautrich) Lutz have brought the atmosphere of the 1800's back to The American House of Fritztown & Pappy G's Tavern. Proprietors since 1987, the Lutz's invite you to savor the food and warmth of our most public American House of Fritztown & Pappy G's Tavern! ... and, now, a little bit of history ... "Pappy" Popular Proprietor of American House Hotel ... John J. K. Gittelman, affectionately known as "Pappy", was for 31 years the popular proprietor of The American House Hotel of Fritztown. Prior to his ownership of the hotel, he was a decorated hero of the Civil War. Upon the outbreak and continuance of the Civil War, "young Gittelman's enthusiasm was aroused, and his patriotism fired!" On October 19th, 1862, he enlisted, becoming corporal of Company E, 17th Pennsylvania Volunteer Cavalry, 2nd Brigade, 1st Division, Army of the Potomac. He paraded the town with a snare drum and succeeded in enlisting four others to go to the front with him, of which he was the only one to return home alive. History has it that Gittelman was quite a gregarious fellow, whose personality lent itself to "greeting the public". Business at The American House grew to the point where Gittelman had to abandon blacksmithing. The American House became "one of the best known and most popular hostelries in this section of the country ... well kept, and noted particulary for cleanliness". In 1995, The American House was officially designated as one of thirteen Pennsylvania sites to be included on the National Civil War Heritage Trail. Craig and Dianne Lutz have labored to preserve this site and thereby honor all those who have in some way helped to shape and build The American House of Fritztown and its rich history. We salute all those who have put their lives in harms way to further the causes of freedom and democracy and our "common pursuit of happiness". Guests are encouraged to walk the original plank floors, admire the original stamped tin ceilings, and read the original hand-written newlywed prayer signed by "John J. K. Gittelman & Wife" in the "Newlywed Room" on the second floor, with its rose print wallpaper. Pleaes remember to sign our guest book and become a part of our history and our future!

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