Prophetstown State Park preserves the camp where mystic Tenskwatawa lived. The white spot in the distance is the Harrison monument, which marks the battle of Tippecanoe's location.
Shenandoah Sanchez


Adjacent to Prophetstown State Park, Tippecanoe Battlefield Park commemorates the Battle of Tippecanoe, fought on November 7, 1811. Visitors can learn more about the battle and the War of 1812 at the Tippecanoe Battlefield Museum and see the 85-foot marble Tippecanoe Monument, erected in 1908.  In addition, there are picnic grounds, hiking trails, and the Wah-ba-shik-a Nature Center on the site.

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Indiana | November 7, 1811
Result: United States Victory
Estimated Casualties
United States
United Kingdom