Long Island "Battlefield"

Prospect Park

The largest single conflict on North America during the Revolutionary War, the Battle of Long Island was also an unmitigated disaster for Washington. Though many units stood valiantly against the Redcoats, such as the Maryland 400, most of the Continentals panicked and fled at the British advance. Sadly, much of the land left over from the Revolution’s darkest hour has been swallowed up by the neighborhood of Brooklyn, but there are a few historic sites that either remain or were constructed to honor those who fell. The Old Stone House stands where the Marylanders made their final effort to hold back the British and help their comrades escape. The Dongan Oak Monument in Prospect Park lies were Continental troops cut down an enormous to slow the British advance. Lastly, the Prison Ship Martyrs Monument in Fort Greene Park honors all those who suffered and died in miserable captivity after the battle. Explore what remains of the battle that might have ended everything, in the center of our largest city.

Long Island "Battlefield": What's Nearby

Brooklyn, NY
Grand Army of The Republic Civil War Museum and Library
Philadelphia, PA


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