Goldsborough Bridge Battlefield

The Goldsborough Bridge Battlefield, the site of a Civil War engagement on December 17, 1862, spans 32 acres of the original battlefield. This historic site commemorates the Battle of Goldsborough Bridge, where Union forces under Major General John G. Foster successfully targeted the Wilmington and Weldon Railroad Bridge to disrupt Confederate supply lines. The battlefield features a rail-fenced parking area with a Civil War Trails historical marker that recounts key events of Foster’s Raid and the battle. An informational kiosk provides visitors with battlefield maps and additional details. Walking trails guide visitors through the cultivated field where Confederate troops launched their counterattack against the Union rear guard, leading to eight historical markers and a granite monument highlighting specific moments of the conflict. Visitors can also view well-preserved earthworks and the site of the Wilmington & Weldon Railroad Bridge, the Union army's objective.

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