Fort Donelson

Fort Donelson Battlefield in Dover, Tennessee

Tommy Kays

Fort Donelson Battlefield

The Fort Donelson National Battlefield, located along the banks of the Cumberland River, is a great place to visit.  The park has a 6-mile trail with 11 stops.  In addition to visiting key parts of the battlefield, you can also see the historic Dover Hotel where General "Unconditional Surrender" Grant won fame, and the Fort Donelson National Cemetery.  Entry to the park is from Lock D Road off of Donelson Parkway.

Fort Donelson Battlefield: What's Nearby

Dover, TN
Dover Hotel (Surrender House), Fort Donelson National Battlefield
Dover, TN
Civil War  |  Fort
Fort Defiance/Fort Sevier/Fort Bruce
Clarksville, TN


The American Battlefield Trust and our members have saved more than 369 acres at Fort Donelson Battlefield.

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