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Bennington Battlefield

Bennington Battlefield State Historic Site

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By early August, 1777, Maj. Gen. John Burgoyne's British army had advanced south from Canada past Lake Champlain. With his supply lines overextended, Burgoyne had to rely on the surrounding countryside to support his army. On August 9, Col. Friedrich Baum was dispatched with a mixed force of British infantry, Hessian dragoons, American Indian allies, Loyalists and Canadians to collect supplies. About a week later, Baum skirmished with American militia west of the village of Bennington, Vermont under Col. John Stark. Rather than attack, Baum decided to dig in and await reinfrocemens under Lt. Col. Heinrich Breymann. The aggressive Stark attacked Baum on August 16. Stark's Americans struck the Hessian and Tory Redoubts that afternoon and in the ensuing fight, broke the British line and mortally wounded Baum and Breymann. The American victory at Bennington further deteriorated Burgoyne's army and contributed to his surrender at Saratoga two months later. 

Located outside Walloomsac New York, 276 acres of the battlefield has been preserved. The site includes a visitor center and walking trails. A monument to the Americans, dedicated in 1957, stands next to statues honoring Stark and fellow commander Seth Warner. 

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