Preservation Champion

Mary Ann Peckham

Born in Richland Center, Wisconsin, Mary Ann Peckham began her career at the United States Park Service shortly after her graduation from the University of Wisconsin. With a keen interest in history and people, she began her work with the US Park Service at Little Bighorn Battlefield in Montana and later worked at Cape Hatteras National Seashore. Peckham continued her work at Fort Sumter in South Carolina where she conducted historical research and interpretation. Her dedication and passion brought her to Stones River National Battlefield where she served as Superintendent until her retirement from federal service in 2001.  

After leaving federal service, Mary continued her work for historical preservation and education at the Tennessee Civil War Preservation Association where she served as Executive Director. Since 1994, the Preservation Association has worked to protect, interpret and make Tennessee battlefields accessible to present and future generations. Under Peckham’s leadership, the Tennessee Civil War Preservation Association stewarded the creation of an interactive map of all Tennessee battle sites. Upon evaluating historical significance, condition, risk of loss and preservation opportunities, the TCWPA prepared Battlefield Assessments for all 122 sites.  

The American Battlefield Trust pays tribute to Mary Ann Peckham, former National Park Service Superintendent and former Executive Director of the Tennessee Civil War Preservation Association.

American Battlefield Trust

In 2015, the Trust worked alongside Peckham and the Preservation Association to help preserve land associated with the 1863 Battle of Brown’s Ferry, the fight that opened up the “Cracker Line” for the Union army and allowed supplies to flow into Chattanooga in October of the same year. 

The American Battlefield Trust awarded Mary Ann Peckham the State Preservation Leadership Award in 2017, recognizing her tremendous efforts and dedicated work for Civil War history and battlefield preservation.