Park Day 2019 Monocacy National Battlefield

Veterans at Monocacy National Battlefield for the Trust's 23rd Annual Park Day

Matt Brant

Park Day

Keeping our nation’s heritage not only preserved, but pristine. 

Park Day 2023

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For 27 years, thousands of volunteers have gathered at battlefields and historic sites across the nation to participate in the Trust’s Park Day clean-up effort. Including Boy and Girl Scouts, Rotarians, Lions Club members, church groups, ROTC units, youth groups, Wounded Warrior groups and many others, more than 450,000 cumulative hours of labor have been contributed to projects large and small to keep our nation’s heritage not only preserved, but also pristine. This event allows the Trust to cast a spotlight on beloved American landscapes nationwide. Projects will keep historic sites and battlefields clean, open and accessible for the enjoyment of all — this year, Park Day projects included painting signs, garden maintenance, trash and leaf removal, marker clean-up, trail and fence building and more!

What is Park Day?

Each year, thousands of history enthusiasts, families, Boy and Girl Scouts, ROTC units and more come together in an effort to help keep our nation’s heritage not only preserved, but pristine.

Since 1996, community-minded citizens have taken part in Park Day events at various sites across the country. Activities are chosen by each participating site and can include building trails, raking leaves, painting signs, putting up fences and contributing to site interpretation.  In addition to the satisfaction that volunteer work brings, participants receive official Park Day water bottles and may have the chance to hear a local historian describe people and events of the past at their site. Park Day can also be used to fulfill the service requirements associated with scout groups, student organizations, training corps programs, many school systems, and more.

Join us on April 15, 2023 as we continue this tradition!

Park Day 2021
Park Day at The Wilderness Battlefield

Volunteer Information

Volunteer Opportunities

Looking for a way to get involved this Park Day?  Search our map to find a volunteer opportunity near you!

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Volunteer FAQ


1. When is Park Day?

The official date for Park Day 2023 is Saturday, April 15, 2023

2. Where do I register? 

You must directly contact the site at which you wish to volunteer for this information. American Battlefield Trust does not register volunteers. 

3. I don’t see the site I’d like to volunteer with listed, what do I do?

We would love to have them register and participate in Park Day 2023! Please encourage the site to register online when registration opens in December 2022 at, or contact Park Day Coordinator, Eugene Stickley, at  for more information. 

Please also feel free to share the following information with the site:

Park Day is an annual hands-on volunteer event to help Civil War, Revolutionary War, and War of 1812 battlefields and historic sites shine their brightest. Individual sites receive support from the Trust— including guidance on promotional tactics, advice on how to secure material donations from local businesses, and thank you gifts for volunteers — but have total control of project details. Popular types of activities include routine grounds keeping, fence and trail maintenance, painting, and more. Learn more about Park Day and how to register online at!

4. Can I bring my family and friends?

Yes, please! Park Day is open to all history enthusiasts, young and old. 

5. How do I share about Park Day?

We’d love to see your photos and videos throughout the day and afterward! Please comment, like, and share your experience on your social media channels using #ParkDay2023 and check out some of our best photos from last year online!

6. Is there a rain date for Park Day?

Park Day is a nationwide event, and as such, the weather may vary. Individual sites may have their own rain date and weather policy. Please contact the site at which you would like to volunteer for more information.

7. How do I get a Park Day water bottle?

The American Battlefield Trust coordinates with each registered sites to deliver made in the USA Park Day water bottles. Quantities may be limited and will be distributed on a first-come-first-serve basis. 

Park-Day 2019 Mabry Hazen House
Park Day 2019 Shy's Hill
Park Day 2019 Monocacy
Park-Day 2019 Harriet Beecher Stowe House

Site Manager Information

Site Manager FAQ


1. Is Park Day only for battlefield parks?

Not at all. The goal of Park Day is to provide Americans with an opportunity to lend a helping hand at their community’s historic sites and museums — and hopefully, learn about our country’s history in the process. Though the American Battlefield Trust is focused on preserving America’s Civil War, Revolutionary War, and War of 1812 battlefields, we welcome all historical parks, homes, museums, forts, cemeteries, and more to join us and host a volunteer event.

2. Do I have to hold my Park Day event on the official date?

No! While the official date is April 15, 2023, you are free to hold your Park Day on any day that works best for you. 

Each year, due to a variety of reasons (weather, conflict with other events, etc.), several sites hold their event on an alternate date.

3. How does Park Day benefit my site? Why should I participate?

Park Day has the potential to be an extremely rewarding and productive source of volunteer labor for the maintenance and upkeep of your site, as well as an opportunity to promote your site and its unique history. Take advantage of volunteers’ efforts where your site needs it the most, whether it’s painting, planting trees, trail building, trash pickup, or something else.

4. How do I register? 

Park Day 2023 registration will open up this December. You will need to provide details about your site and instructions for volunteers. You will receive a confirmation email with a link to submit your mailing address to receive your free Park Day water bottles (Note: We CANNOT ship to PO boxes).

Important registration dates:

  • December 2022: Registration open for Park Day 2023!
  • February 5, 2023: Registration deadline to be listed in the American Battlefield Trust's membership magazine (sites registered after this can still participate)
  • March 17, 2023: Registration deadline, if sites wish to be listed on the American Battlefield Trust's website and receive water bottles.
  • April 15, 2023: Park Day!

5. What do I get from the American Battlefield Trust when I register?

The American Battlefield Trust will provide the information you will need for organizing and hosting your Park Day event, soliciting volunteers, getting media coverage, and working with the Trust to promote the event. You will also receive templates for Volunteer Sign-in, a Site-specific Press Release and a Letter to Businesses. 

You will also gain access to the 2023 Park Day Guide. From months out to a day-of checklist, this guide is invaluable. 

The Trust will post your site information for volunteers on our site at, where it will be available to our 55,000 members, 800,000+ social media followers. 

6. How do I get Volunteers?

Park Day is all about getting volunteers from the surrounding community to come out and pitch in. You will find there are lots of volunteers in your area, willing to help. Look for them in Civil War Roundtables, local conservation groups, local history groups, reenactment groups, churches, Scout troops, and local elementary schools, high schools, and colleges. For many school-aged volunteers, it’s a great way to earn volunteer hours! Post on your social media sites. Obtaining media coverage in local newspapers and TV news is a great way to garner volunteers — and gain attention about your site afterward.

7. How do I take advantage of volunteer labor?

Where do you need help the most? In the past, other sites have used Park Day for activities such as: landscaping, clearing brush, trash removal, erecting or repairing fences, moving, setting up or taking down artillery, installing markers and interpretative signs, tree planting, building and clearing trails, and painting. 

Please be as detailed as possible about what your volunteers will be doing, and also please remember to take into account volunteers that may be children or elderly – there should be something for everyone to do! 

8. Will my site get media coverage?

The Trust will release national and state-level press releases regarding Park Day. We will provide you with information and tips about how to gain other media coverage for your site.

9. Is there a rain date for Park Day?

Park Day is a nation-wide event, and as such, the weather may vary. We encourage individual sites to schedule and/or announce a rain date, as they see fit.

10. What if I don’t have enough water bottles?

Please contact us at We only have a limited amount, but we may be able to find a few extra at the final hour. 

11. What happens afterward?

Hopefully, your site will be in tip-top shape for the tourist season! Show it off by sending us your photos, videos, sign-in sheets, and any memorable stories from the day! We feature many of your photos and stories online and in our award-winning magazine, Hallowed Ground

12. I took some great photos and was featured in media coverage, how do I share this with the American Battlefield Trust?

Please share your successes on our social media channels with #ParkDay2023:

More questions?

Don't hesitate to get in touch with Park Day Coordinator Eugene Stickley at 

Park Day 2019, Monocacy, Matt Brant

Site Registration

Are you planning a Park day event at a local battlefield or historic site?

Register here to join the sites standing together to maintain our nation's heritage on Park Day. You will receive a follow-up email from us, confirming your registration and a request to confirm your Park Day incentive shipment address.

Questions? Contact our Park Day Coordinator at

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Site Manager Materials

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Download Your Site Manager Materials HERE

Access your Park Day Manager Guide, Volunteer Recruitment Posters, Press Release Template, QR Code Sign-In image, and more!