War Department Videos

The War Department™ is a web-based video series in which expert historians, educators, military veterans and enthusiasts debate, discuss and analyze the American Civil War. Episodes will cover a particular topic in some detail and run roughly 10 minutes in length. “Shorts” will highlight other aspects of the Civil War, in roughly two minutes.

Moderated discussions, battle animation, on-site analysis, and telestration will highlight the series. The War Department™ takes its name from the Union and Confederate entities responsible for the armies on both sides during the conflict and is a production of the American Battlefield Trust.

Civil War  |  Video

Pickett's Charge

VIDEO | Hear our experts discuss and analyze Pickett's Charge from the site of the famed assault. Featuring longtime licensed Gettysburg guide and...
Civil War  |  Video

Andersonville Prison

Eric Leonard, Chief of Interpretation and Education at the Andersonville National Historic Site, discusses the Civil War's most infamous prison camp...
Civil War  |  Video

The Crater at Petersburg

On the morning of July 30, 1864, Union troops exploded a mine underneath Elliott's Salient, an earthwork (jutting out to form an angle) defending...
Civil War  |  Video

Shock and Awe at Bull Run

Trust and National Park Service staff analyze the Battle of Bull Run in this episode of the War Department™ video series.
Civil War  |  Video

Culp's Hill

VIDEO | Licensed Battlefield Guide Tim Smith and the Trust's Sam Smith debate whether or not the Confederate Army should have tried to take Culp's...
Civil War  |  Video

Berdan’s Sharpshooters at Gettysburg

VIDEO | Garry Adelman, Douglas Ullman Jr. and Kristopher White of the Civil War Trust are joined by Greg Goodell of the Gettysburg National Military...