War of 1812: "She was at the Battle of North Point"

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On Saturday, August 9, 1890, a newspaper in Lancaster, Pennsylvania—The Semi-Weekly New Era—printed the following obituary of a woman who supported American troops during the defense of Baltimore in September 1814 during the War of 1812. (Spelling is original.)


Death of Baltimore's Centennarian.

Mrs. Elizabeth Sands, the last link that bound the present generation with the gallant band of heroes who defended Baltimore against Great Britain in 1812, died in Baltimore Sunday morning at the advanced age of 101. The immediate cause of death was an attack of cholera morbus, but the extremely warm weather hastened the end. Two of the best physicians in the city attended her, and her wonderful vitality attracted the attention of all the medical men in the State.

Until two weeks ago her appetite was wonderful, while her activity and dexterity with the needle were the subject of comment. Her voice was strong to the last, and she never used glasses, but her hearing was impaired. She spent her last days with two of her great-grandchildren, and was sick only twice during her life.

She was born at Darlington, Harford county, her father being Cuthbert Warner, one of the first clockmakers in Maryland. She was married twice and had been a widow for over sixty years. While her first husband was sick with fever at Annapolis she nursed him, and when he died she remained with the army during the entire campaign. She was at the battle of North Point, and her services as a nurse were invaluable. She saved many a wounded soldier. Two of her brothers took part in the fight and were among the Old Defenders. Her brother John belonged to the sharpshooters, and in speaking of events of those days the old lady was fond of referring to the fact that she made his suit of bottle green.



The Semi-Weekly New Era, Lancaster, Pennsylvania: Saturday, August 09, 1890, Page 3.

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