"Inlist ourselves into the Service of the United American Colonies"

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This printed enlistment form was created early in 1776 and was preserved among George Washington's papers. Notice that in addition to enlisted for a year of service, the soldiers who signed this form anticipated an invasion of Canada.

Library of Congress

We the Subscribers do hereby severally inlist ourselves into the Service of the United American Colonies, until the first Day of January next, if the Service should require it; — and each of us do engage to furnish and carry with us into the Service aforesaid, a good effective Fire Arm and Blanket; (also, a good Bayonet, Cartridge Pouch, and Hatchet, or Tomahawk, or Cutting-Sword, if possible;) and we severally consent to be formed by such Person or Persons as the General Court shall appoint, into a Company of Ninety Men, including one Captain, two Lieutenants, one Ensign, four Sergeants, four Corporals, one Drum, and one Fife, to be elected by the Company and commissionated by the Council, and when formed, we engage to March into Canada with the utmost Expedition, and to be under such Field Officers as the General Court have appointed, or shall appoint; and we further agree, during the Time aforesaid, to be subject to such Generals, or superior Officers, as are or shall be appointed; and to be under such Regulations in every Respect as are provided for the Army aforesaid. 

Dated the ___________ of __________ A.D. 1776.