Civil War Medal of Honor Database

James F. Adams

Private (Corporal), 1st West Virginia Cavalry

John Gregory bishop Adams

Second Lieutenant (Captain), 19th Massachusetts Infantry

Michael Aheam

Paymaster's Steward, U.S.S. Kearsarge

Frederick Alber

Private, 17th Michigan Infantry

Christian Albert

Private, 47th Ohio Infantry

Abner Peeler Allen

Corporal, 39th Illinois Infantry

James Allen

Private (Corporal), 16th New York Infantry

Nathaniel M. Allen

Corporal, 1st Massachusetts Infantry

Adelbert Ames

First Lieutenant (Brevet Major General), 5th U.S. Artillery

Robert Wesley Ammerman

Private, 148th Pennsylvania Infantry

Frederick Charles Anderson

Private, 18th Massachusetts Infantry

Marion T. Anderson

Captain, 51st Indiana Infantry

Peter T. Anderson

Private (Brevet Captain), 31st Wisconsin Infantry

Robert N. Anderson

Quartermaster (Acting Master's Mate), U.S.S. Crusader and the U.S.S. Keokuk

Thomas Anderson

Corporal, 1st West Virginia Cavalry

Bruce Anderson

Private, 142d New York Infantry

Charles W. Anderson

Private, 1st New York (Lincoln) Cavalry

Everett W. Anderson

Sergeant (Second Lieutenant), 15th Pennsylvania Cavalry

John Angling

Cabin Boy (Cabin Boy First Class), U.S.S. Pontoosuc

Andrew O. Apple

Corporal, 12th West Virginia Infantry

William H. Appleton

First Lieutenant (Brevet Major), 4th U.S. Colored Infantry

James W. Archer

First Lieutenant & Adjutant, 59th Indiana Infantry

Lester Archer

Sergeant, 96th New York Infantry

William J. Archinal

Corporal, 30th Ohio Infantry

Clinton Lycurgus Armstrong

Private, 83d Indiana Infantry

Abraham Kerns Arnold

Captain (Brigadier General), 5th U.S. Cavalry

Matthew Arther

Signal Quartermaster, U.S.S. Carondelet

Charles Asten

Quarter Gunner, U.S.S. Signal

Thomas E. Atkinson

Yeoman, U.S.S. Richmond

James Avery

Seaman, U.S.S. Metacomet

William B. Avery

Second Lieutenant (Captain), 1st New York Marine Artillery

David Ayers

Sergeant (Captain), 57th Ohio Infantry

John G. k Ayers

Private, 8th Missouri Infantry

William J. Babcock

Sergeant, 2d Rhode Island Infantry

Elijah William Bacon

Private, 14th Connecticut Infantry

Absalom Baird

Brigadier General (Brevet Major General), U.S. Volunteers

Charles Baker

Quarter Gunner, U.S.S. Metacomet

Charles H. Baldwin

Coal Heaver (Acting Master's Mate), U.S.S. Wyalusing

Frank Dwight Baldwin

Captain (Major General), 19th Michigan Infantry

Frederick A. Ballen

Private, 47th Ohio Infantry

George Lovell Banks

Sergeant, 15th Indiana Infantry

James Albert Barber

Corporal, 1st Rhode Island Light Artillery

Nathaniel C. Barker

Sergeant, 11th New Hampshire Infantry

William Henry Barnes

Private (Sergeant), 38th U.S. Colored Infantry

Henry Alanson Barnum

Colonel (Brevet Major General), 149th New York Infantry

James Barnum

Boatswain's Mate, U.S.S. New Ironsides

Charles L. Barrell

First Lieutenant (Captain), 102d U.S. Colored Infantry

Jesse T. Barrick

Corporal (Second Lieutenant), 3d Minnesota Infantry

William H. Barringer

Private, 4th West Virginia Infantry

Augustus Barry

Sergeant Major, 16th U.S. Infantry

Gurdon H. Barter

Landsman, U.S.S. Minnesota

Thomas Barton

Seaman, U.S.S. Hunchback

David L. Bass

Seaman, U.S.S. Minnesota

Richard Napoleon Batchelder

Lieutenant Colonel and Chief Quartermaster (Brigadier General), 2d Corps

Delavan Bates

Colonel (Brevet Brigadier General), 30th U.S. Colored Troops

Norman Francis Bates

Sergeant, 4th Iowa Cavalry

Philip Baybutt

Private, 2d Massachusetts Cavalry

Philip Bazaar

Ordinary Seaman, U.S.S. Santiago de Cuba

Alexander Mitchell Beatty

Captain, 3d Vermont Infantry

Powhatan Beaty

First Sergeant, 5th U.S. Colored Infantry

Jean J. Beaufort

Corporal, 2d Louisiana Infantry

Eugene Beauharnais Beaumont

Major and Assistant Adjutant General (Colonel), Army of the Mississippi

Edward James Bebb

Private, 4th Iowa Cavalry

Wallace A. Beckwith

Private, 21st Connecticut Infantry

Richard Beddows

Private, 34th New York Battery

William Sully Beebe

First Lieutenant (Major), U.S. Army

John P. Beech

Sergeant, 4th New Jersey Infantry

Terrence Begley

Private, 7th New York Heavy Artillery

Thomas Belcher

Private, 9th Maine Infantry

George H. Bell

Captain of the Afterguard, U.S.S. Santee

James Bennett Bell

Sergeant, 11th Ohio Infantry

George Greenville Benedict

Second Lieutenant, 12th Vermont Infantry

John Francis Benjamin

Corporal, 2d New York Cavalry

Samuel Nicholl Benjamin

First Lieutenant (Brevet Lieutenant Colonel), 2d U.S. Artillery

Orrin Bennett

Private, 141st Pennsylvania Infantry

Orson W. Bennett

First Lieutenant (Major), 102d U.S. Colored Infantry

William Bensinger

Private (Captain), 21st Ohio Infantry

William Henry harrison Benyaurd

First Lieutenant, Engineers (Lieutenant Colonel), U.S. Engineers

Asa Betham

Coxswain, U.S.S. Pontoosuc

Charles Malone Betts

Lieutenant Colonel, 15th Pennsylvania Cavalry

Hillary Beyer

Second Lieutenant (First Lieutenant), 90th Pennsylvania Infantry

Charles James Bibber

Gunner's Mate, U.S.S. Agawam

Henry H. Bickford

Corporal (Quartermaster Sergeant), 8th New York Cavalry

John F. Bickford

Captain of the Top (Master's Mate), U.S.S. Kearsarge

Matthew Bickford

Corporal, 8th Missouri Infantry

Charles Bieger

Private, 4th Missouri Cavalry

Richard Binder

Sergeant, U.S.S. Ticonderoga

Henry Harrison Bingham

Captain (Brevet Brigadier General), 140th Pennsylvania Infantry

Horatio L. Birdsall

Sergeant, 3d Iowa Cavalry

Francis A. Bishop

Private (Corporal), 57th Pennsylvania Infantry

John Charles Black

Lieutenant Colonel (Brevet Brigadier General), 37th Illinois Infantry

William Perkins Black

Captain, 37th Illinois Infantry

Wilmon Whilldin Blackmar

Lieutenant (Captain), 1st West Virginia Cavalry

William Robert douglas Blackwood

Surgeon (Brevet Lieutenant Colonel), 48th Pennsylvania Infantry

William Blagheen

Ship's Cook, U.S.S. Brooklyn

Robert M. Blair

Boatswain's Mate, U.S.S. Pontoosuc

Robert Blake

Contraband, U.S. Steam Gunboat Marblehead

Thomas A. Blasdel

Private (Corporal), 83d Indiana Infantry

Milton Blickensderger

Corporal (Sergeant), 126th Ohio Infantry

George Newman Bliss

Captain, 1st Rhode Island Cavalry

Zenas Randall Bliss

Colonel (Major General), 7th Rhode Island Infantry

Wells Howard Blodgett

First Lieutenant (Colonel), 37th Illinois Infantry

Charles Blucher

Corporal (Sergeant), 188th Pennsylvania Infantry

John W. Blunt

First Lieutenant (Brevet Major), 6th New York Cavalry

Peter Martin Boehm

Second Lieutenant (Major), 15th New York Cavalry

Frank Bois

Quartermaster, U.S.S. Cincinnati

William S. Bond

Boatswain (WO Boatswain's Mate), U.S.S. Kearsarge

Henry G. Bonebrake

First Lieutenant, 17th Pennsylvania Cavalry

Sylvester Bonnaffon Jr.

First Lieutenant (Brevet Lieutenant Colonel), 99th Pennsylvania Infantry

Robert M. Boody

Sergeant (Second Lieutenant), 40th New York Infantry

Hugh Patterson Boon

Captain, 1st West Virginia Cavalry

Orlando Phidelio Boss

Corporal, 25th Massachusetts Infantry

Nicholas S. Bouquet

Private (Sergeant), 1st Iowa Infantry

John Gregory Bourke

Private (Brevet Major), 15th Pennsylvania Cavalry

Thomas Bourne

Seaman and Gun Captain (Chief Quartermaster), U.S.S. Varuna

Richard Boury

Sergeant, 1st West Virginia Cavalry

John W. Boutwell

Private, 18th New Hampshire Infantry

Chester Bennett Bowen

Corporal (Sergeant), 19th New York Cavalry (1st New York Dragoons)

Emmer Bowen

Private, 127th Illinois Infantry

Edward R. Bowman

Quartermaster, U.S.S. Ticonderoga

Thomas J. Box

Captain, 27th Indiana Infantry

Henry Van ness Boynton

Lieutenant Colonel (Brevet Brigadier General), 35th Ohio Infantry

Amos Bradley

Landsman, U.S.S. Varuna

Charles Bradley

Boatswain's Mate, U.S.S. Louisville

Thomas Wilson Bradley

Sergeant (Brevet Lieutenant Colonel), 124th New York Infantry (American Guard)

James Brady

Private, 10th New Hampshire Infantry (Irish Regiment)

Joseph E. Brandle

Private (Color Sergeant), 17th Michigan Infantry

Felix Brannigan

Private (First Lieutenant), 74th New York Infantry

William Brant Jr.

Lieutenant (Brevet Captain), 1st New Jersey Veteran Battalion

Edgar A. Bras

Sergeant, 8th Iowa Infantry

John Brazell

Quartermaster (Chief Quartermaster), U.S.S. Richmond

John Breen

Boatswain's Mate, U.S.S. Commodore Perry

Christopher Brennan

Seaman, U.S.S. Mississippi (temporarily assigned U.S.S. Colorado

Lewis Francis Brest

Private, 57th Pennsylvania Infantry

William John Brewer

Private (Corporal), 2d New York Cavalry

Charles Breyer

Sergeant, 90th Pennsylvania Infantry

Elijah A. Briggs

Corporal (Sergeant), 2d Connecticut Heavy Artillery

Andrew Bringle

Corporal, 10th New York Cavalry (Porter Guard)

Andrew Brinn

Seaman, U.S.S. Mississippi

August Frederick Bronner

Private, 1st New York Artillery

James H. Bronson

First Sergeant, 5th U.S. Colored Infantry

John Brosnan

Sergeant, 164th New York Infantry

Charles W. Brouse

Captain, 100th Indiana Infantry

Charles E. Brown

Sergeant (Captain), 50th Pennsylvania Infantry

Henri Le fevre Brown

Sergeant, 72d New York Infantry

James Brown

Quartermaster, U.S.S. Albatross

Jeremiah Z. Brown

Captain (Brevet Major), 148th Pennsylvania Infantry

John Brown

First Sergeant (Captain), 47th Ohio Infantry

John Brown

Captain of the Forecastle, U.S.S. Brooklyn

John Harties Brown

Captain, 12th Kentucky Infantry

Robert Bruce Brown

Private, 15th Ohio Infantry

Robert Brown

Captain of the Top, U.S.S. Richmond

Uriah H. Brown

Private (Corporal), 30th Ohio Infantry

William H. Brown

Landsman, U.S.S. Brooklyn

Wilson W. Brown

Private (Second Lieutenant), 21st Ohio Infantry

Wilson Brown

Landsman, U.S.S. Hartford

Edward Brown Jr.

Corporal (Sergeant), 62d New York Infantry

Morris Brown Jr.

Captain, 126th New York Infantry

Francis Edwin Brownell

Private (First Lieutenant), 11th New York Infantry (Ellsworth's Zouaves)

William P. Brownell

Coxswain (Acting Master's Mate), U.S.S. Benton

Louis J. Bruner

Private (Quartermaster Sergeant), 5th Indiana Cavalry

George Washington Brush

Second Lieutenant (Captain), 34th U.S. Colored Infantry

Christopher C. Bruton

Captain (Brevet Major), 22d New York Cavalry

Henry Brutsche

Landsman, U.S.S. Tacony

Andrew Symmes Bryant

Sergeant (Sergeant Major), 46th Massachusetts Infantry

George A. Buchanan

Private, 148th New York Infantry

Frederick Clarence Buck

Corporal (First Lieutenant), 21st Connecticut Infantry

James Buck

Quartermaster (Acting Master's Mate), U.S.S. Brooklyn

David Eastburn Buckingham

First Lieutenant (Captain), 4th Delaware Infantry

Abram J. Buckles

Sergeant (Second Lieutenant), 19th Indiana Infantry

Denis Buckley

Private, 136th New York Infantry

John C. Buckley

Sergeant, 4th West Virginia Infantry

John Knight Bucklyn

First Lieutenant (Brevet Captain), 1st Rhode Island Light Artillery

John E. Buffington

Sergeant (First Lieutenant), 6th Maryland Infantry

Robert Buffum

Private (Second Lieutenant), 21st Ohio Infantry

Henry G. Buhrman

Private, 54th Ohio Infantry

William Bumgarner

Sergeant, 4th West Virginia Infantry

James H. Burbank

Sergeant, 4th Rhode Island Infantry

Joseph Burger

Private (Captain), 2d Minnesota Infantry

E. Michael Burk

Private, 125th New York Infantry

Thomas Burk

Sergeant (First Lieutenant), 97th New York Infantry

Daniel Webster Burke

First Sergeant (Brigadier General), 2d U.S. Infantry

Thomas M. Burke

Private, 5th New York Cavalry

James Madison Burns

Sergeant (Lieutenant Colonel), 1st West Virginia Infantry

John M. Burns

Seaman, U.S.S. Lackawanna

William Wallace Burritt

Private, 113th Illinois Infantry

Albert Burton

Seaman, U.S.S. Wabash

Daniel Adams Butterfield

Brigadier General (Major General), U.S. Volunteers

Franklin George Butterfield

First Lieutenant (Lieutenant Colonel), 6th Vermont Infantry

George Butts

Gunner's Mate, U.S.S. Signal

James Byrnes

Boatswain's Mate (Master's Mate), U.S.S. Louisville

Abel G. Cadwallader

Corporal (Sergeant), 1st Maryland Infantry

Luman Lewis Cadwell

Sergeant (First Lieutenant), 2d New York Veteran Cavalry

Daniel G. Caldwell

Sergeant (Captain), 13th Pennsylvania Cavalry (Volunteers 117th Regiment)

Ivers S. Calkin

First Sergeant, 2d New York Cavalry

John H. Callahan

Private, 122d Illinois Infantry

Carlton N. Camp

Private, 18th New Hampshire Infantry

James A. Campbell

Private, 2d New York Cavalry

William Campbell

Private (Corporal), 30th Ohio Infantry

William Campbell

Boatswain's Mate, U.S.S. Ticonderoga

Charles E. Capehart

Major (Lieutenant Colonel), 1st West Virginia Cavalry

Henry Capehart

Colonel (Major General), 1st West Virginia Cavalry

Horace Capron Jr.

Sergeant (First Lieutenant), 8th Illinois Cavalry

Hugh Carey

Sergeant, 82d New York Infantry

James Lemuel Carey

Sergeant, 10th New York Cavalry (Porter Guard)

Casper R. Carlisle

Private, Independent Pennsylvania Light Artillery

Warren Carman

Private (Corporal), 1st New York (Lincoln) Cavalry

Isaac Harrison Carmin

Corporal, 48th Ohio Infantry

William Harvey Carney

Sergeant, 54th Massachusetts Colored Infantry

Eugene Asa Carr

Colonel (Brevet Major General), 3d Illinois Cavalry

Franklin Carr

Corporal (Sergeant), 124th Ohio Infantry

William M. Carr

Master-at-Arms, U.S.S. Richmond

William J. Carson

Musician, 15th U.S. Infantry

Jacob Cart

Private (Sergeant), 7th Pennsylvania Reserve Corps

John Joice Carter

Second Lieutenant (Colonel), 33d New York Infantry

Joseph Franklin Carter

Captain (Major), 3d Maryland Infantry

Orlando Emanuel Caruana

Private (First Sergeant), 51st New York Infantry

David P. Casey

Private (Corporal), 25th Massachusetts Infantry

Henry Casey

Private (Corporal), 20th Ohio Infantry

Michael Cassidy

Landsman (Ordinary Seaman), U.S.S. Lackawanna

Isaac Swartwood Catlin

Colonel (Brevet Major General), 109th New York Infantry (Railway Brigade)

Ovila Cayer

Sergeant, 14th U.S. Volunteer Infantry

Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain

Colonel (Brevet Major General), 20th Maine Infantry

Orville Tyron Chamberlain

Second Lieutenant (Captain), 74th Indiana Infantry

Joseph B. Chambers

Private, 100th Pennsylvania Infantry (Roundheads)

Henry Flint Chandler

Sergeant, 59th Massachusetts Infantry

James B. Chandler

Coxswain, U.S.S. Richmond

Stephen Edwin Chandler

Quartermaster Sergeant, 24th New York Cavalry

Alaric B. Chapin

Private, 142d New York Infantry

John Chapman

Private, 1st Maine Heavy Artillery

Louis G. Chaput

Landsman, U.S.S. Lackawanna

John F. Chase

Private (Captain), Maine Light Artillery

Benjamin Ham Child

Corporal (Second Lieutenant), 1st Rhode Island Light Artillery

William W. Chisman

Private (Sergeant), 83d Indiana Infantry

James Isaac Christiancy

First Lieutenant, 9th Michigan Cavalry

Samuel Joseph Churchill

Corporal (Quartermaster Sergeant), 2d Illinois Light Artillery

Clinton Albert Cilley

Captain (Brevet Colonel), 2d Minnesota Infantry

James T. Clancy

Sergeant (Captain), 1st New Jersey Cavalry

Albert Adams Clapp

First Sergeant (Second Lieutenant), 2d Ohio Cavalry

Charles Amory Clark

Lieutenant & Adjutant (Brevet Lieutenant Colonel), 6th Maine Infantry

Harrison Clark

Corporal (Second Lieutenant), 125th New York Infantry

James G. Clark

Private (Drummer), 88th Pennsylvania Infantry

John Wesley Clark

First Lieutenant & Regimental Quartermaster (Captain), 6th Vermont Infantry

William A. Clark

Corporal (Sergeant), 2d Minnesota Infantry

Dayton P. Clarke

Captain, 2d Vermont Infantry

Charles H. Clausen

First Lieutenant, 61st Pennsylvania Infantry

Cecil Clay

Captain (Brevet Brigadier General), 58th Pennsylvania Infantry

Charles Franklin Cleveland

Private, 26th New York Infantry

Robert Teleford Clifford

Master-at-Arms (Master's Mate), U.S.S. Shokokon

John E. Clopp

Private, 71st Pennsylvania Infantry

George Washington Clute

Corporal, 14th Michigan Infantry

Jefferson Coates

Sergeant, 7th Wisconsin Infantry

David L. Cockley

First Lieutenant (Captain), 10th Ohio Cavalry

James Coey

Major (Brevet Colonel U.S. Volunteers), 147th New York Infantry

Robert John Coffey

Sergeant (Major), 4th Vermont Infantry

Abraham Cohn

Sergeant Major (Captain), 6th New Hampshire Infantry

Patrick Colbert

Coxswain, U.S.S. Commodore Hull

Carlos W. Colby

Sergeant (First Sergeant), 97th Illinois Infantry

Gabriel Cole

Corporal, 5th Michigan Cavalry

Harrison Collins

Corporal, 1st Tennessee Cavalry

Thomas D. Collins Sr.

Sergeant, 143d New York Infantry (Sullivan County Regiment)

Charles Henry tucky Collis

Colonel (Brevet Major General), 114th Pennsylvania Infantry

Oliver Colwell

First Lieutenant (Captain), 95th Ohio Infantry

Hartwell B. Compson

Major (Brevet Lieutenant Colonel New York Volunteers), 8th New York Cavalry

John Wesley Conaway

Private (Corporal), 83d Indiana Infantry

Martin Conboy

First Sergeant (Second Lieutenant), 37th New York Infantry

Dennis Conlan

Seaman (Gunner's Mate), U.S.S. Agawam

Trustrim Connell

Corporal, 138th Pennsylvania Infantry

Richard Conner

Private (Sergeant), 6th New Jersey Infantry

Thomas Connor

Ordinary Seaman, U.S.S. Minnesota

William C. Connor

Boatswain's Mate, U.S.S. Howquah

James Connors

Private, 43d New York Infantry

John Cook

Bugler, 4th U.S. Artillery

John Henry Cook

Sergeant, 119th Illinois Infantry

Walter Howard Cooke

Captain (Major), 4th Pennsylvania Infantry Militia

John Cooper

Coxswain (Quartermaster), U.S.S. Brooklyn

Charles Dearborn Copp

Second Lieutenant (Captain), 9th New Hampshire Infantry

John Corcoran

Private, 1st Rhode Island Light Artillery

Thomas E. Corcoran

Landsman, U.S.S. Cincinnati

George W. Corliss

Captain (Brevet Major), 5th Connecticut Infantry

Stephen Potter Corliss

First Lieutenant (Brevet Colonel), 4th New York Heavy Artillery

Joseph Kirby Corson

Assistant Surgeon (Major USA Ret.), 6th Pennsylvania Reserves (35th Pennsylvania Volunteers)

Richard H. Cosgriff

Private, 4th Iowa Cavalry

Thomas Cosgrove

Private, 40th Massachusetts Infantry

Peter Cotton

Ordinary Seaman (Coxswain), U.S.S. Baron De Kalb

John Coughlin

Lieutenant Colonel (Brevet Brigadier General), 10th New Hampshire Infantry (Irish Regiment)

Robert Mitchell Cox

Corporal, 55th Illinois Infantry

John Nicholas Coyne

Sergeant (Lieutenant Colonel), 70th New York Infantry

William Wallace Cranston

Private (Captain), 66th Ohio Infantry

Alexander Crawford

Fireman, U.S.S. Wyalusing

John Creed

Private (Corporal), 23d Illinois Infantry

Thomas H. Cripps

Quartermaster, U.S.S. Richmond

Henry H. Crocker

Captain, 2d Massachusetts Cavalry

Ulric Lyons Crocker

Private, 6th Michigan Cavalry

James E. Croft

Private (Second Lieutenant), 12th Wisconsin Light Artillery

Cornelius Cronin

Chief Quartermaster (Ensign, Ret.), U.S.S. Richmond

William Henry harrison Crosier

Sergeant (Color Sergeant), 149th New York Infantry

James Edwin Cross

Corporal (Sergeant Major), 12th New York Infantry (Independence Guard)

Michael Crowley

Private, 22d New York Cavalry

Thomas Cullen

Corporal, 82d New York Infantry

Amos Jay Cummings

Sergeant Major, 26th New Jersey Infantry

James M. Cumpston

Private, 91st Ohio Infantry

Francis Marion Cunningham

First Sergeant (First Lieutenant), 1st West Virginia Cavalry

James Smith Cunningham

Private, 8th Missouri Infantry

Richard J. Curran

Assistant Surgeon (Surgeon), 33d New York Infantry

John Calvin Curtis

Sergeant Major (First Lieutenant), 9th Connecticut Infantry

Josiah M. Curtis

Second Lieutenant (First Lieutenant), 12th West Virginia Infantry

Newton Martin Curtis

Brigadier General (Major General), U.S. Volunteers

Alonzo H. Cushing

First Lieutenant, 4th U.S. Artillery

Thomas Ward Custer

Second Lieutenant (Lieutenant Colonel), 6th Michigan Cavalry

Thomas Ward Custer

Second Lieutenant (Lieutenant Colonel), 6th Michigan Cavalry

Byron M. Cutcheon

Major (Brevet Brigadier General), 20th Michigan Infantry

James Madison Cutts

Captain (Brevet Lieutenant Colonel), 11th U.S. Infantry

John S. Darrough

Sergeant, 113th Illinois Infantry

John A. Davidsizer

Sergeant, 1st Pennsylvania Cavalry

Andrew Davidson

Assistant Surgeon, 47th Ohio Infantry

Andrew Davidson

First Lieutenant (Colonel), 30th U.S. Colored Troops

Charles C. Davis

Major, 7th Pennsylvania Cavalry

Freeman Davis

Sergeant (Captain), 80th Ohio Infantry

George Evans Davis

First Lieutenant (Captain), 10th Vermont Infantry

Harry Clay Davis

Private (Corporal), 46th Ohio Infantry

John Davis

Quarter Gunner (Acting Gunner), U.S.S. Valley City

John Davis

Private, 17th Indiana Mounted Volunteers

Joseph Davis

Corporal, 104th Ohio Infantry

Martin K. Davis

Sergeant, 116th Illinois Infantry

Samuel W. Davis

Ordinary Seaman, U.S.S. Brooklyn

Thomas Davis

Private, 2d New York Heavy Artillery

Charles Day

Private, 210th Pennsylvania Infantry

David Frakes Day

Private, 57th Ohio Infantry

Hiram A. De Lavie

Sergeant (First Sergeant), 11th Pennsylvania Infantry (Washington Blues), Company I

Charles Deakin

Boatswain's Mate, U.S.S. Richmond

John Milton Deane

Major, 29th Massachusetts Infantry

Joseph H. Decastro

Corporal (Sergeant), 19th Massachusetts Infantry

Patrick Delacey

First Sergeant (Second Lieutenant), 143d Pennsylvania Infantry

Frederick Nelson Deland

Private, 49th Massachusetts Infantry

John Carroll Delaney

Sergeant (Brevet Captain), 107th Pennsylvania Infantry

Hiram Adolphus Delavie

Sergeant (First Sergeant), 11th Pennsylvania Infantry (Washington Blues)

John Dempster

Coxswain, U.S.S. New Ironsides

John Henry Denig

Sergeant, U.S.S. Brooklyn

Lorenzo Denning

Landsman, U.S. Picket Boat No. 1

Richard Dennis

Boatswain's Mate, U.S.S. Brooklyn

William Densmore

Chief Boatswain's Mate, U.S.S. Richmond

Charles H. Depuy

First Sergeant, 1st Michigan Sharpshooters

Richard Willis Dewitt

Corporal (Sergeant), 47th Ohio Infantry

Louis Palma di Cesnola

Colonel (Brevet Brigadier General), 4th New York Cavalry

William Donaldson Dickey

Captain (Colonel), 15th New York Heavy Artillery

David Dickie

Sergeant, 97th Illinois Infantry

Bartholomew Diggins

Ordinary Seaman, U.S.S. Hartford

Hubert Dilger

Captain, 1st Ohio Light Artillery

Michael A. Dillon

Private, 2d New Hampshire Infantry

John Ditzenback

Quartermaster, U.S. Monitor Neosho

Warren C. Dockum

Private, 121st New York Infantry

Robert Fulton Dodd

Private (Corporal), 27th Michigan Infantry

Edward Edwin Dodds

Sergeant, 21st New York Cavalry

Charles W. Dolloff

Corporal (Sergeant), 1st Vermont Heavy Artillery

John P. Donaldson

Sergeant (Commissary Sergeant), 4th Pennsylvania Cavalry

John C. Donnelly

Ordinary Seaman, U.S.S. Metacomet

Timothy Donoghue

Private, 69th New York Infantry

Patrick H. Doody

Corporal (First Lieutenant), 164th New York Infantry

William Doolen

Coal Heaver, U.S.S. Richmond

George H. Dore

Sergeant, 126th New York Infantry

August Dorley

Private, 1st Louisiana Cavalry

John Henry Dorman

Seaman, U.S.S. Carondelet

Daniel Allen Dorsey

Corporal (First Lieutenant), 33d Ohio Infantry

Decatur Dorsey

Sergeant (First Sergeant), 39th U.S. Colored Infantry

Allan Houston Dougall

First Lieutenant & Adjutant, 88th Indiana Infantry

Michael Dougherty

Private, 13th Pennsylvania Cavalry (Volunteers 117th Regiment)

Patrick Dougherty

Landsman, U.S.S. Lackawanna

George P. Dow

Sergeant (First Sergeant), 7th New Hampshire Infantry

Henry Dow

Boatswain's Mate, U.S.S. Cincinnati

William Downey

Private, 4th Massachusetts Cavalry

Henry W. Downs

Sergeant (Second Lieutenant), 8th Vermont Infantry

James Madison Drake

Second Lieutenant (Brevet Brigadier General), 9th New Jersey Infantry

James Drury

Sergeant, 4th Vermont Infantry

Henry Algernon du Pont

Captain (Brevet Lieutenant Colonel), 5th U.S. Artillery

John Duffey

Private (Farrier), 4th Massachusetts Cavalry

Adam Duncan

Boatswain's Mate, U.S.S. Richmond

James K. l Duncan

Ordinary Seaman, U.S.S. Fort Hindman

James Dunlavy

Private, 3d Iowa Cavalry

William Dunn

Quartermaster, U.S.S. Monadnock

James Dunne

Corporal, Illinois Light Artillery

Richard D. Dunphy

Coal Heaver, U.S.S. Hartford

James R. Durham

Second Lieutenant, 12th West Virginia Infantry

John S. Durham

Sergeant, 1st Wisconsin Infantry

John N. Eckes

Private, 47th Ohio Infantry

Samuel E. Eddy

Private, 37th Massachusetts Infantry

Nathan Huntley Edgerton

First Lieutenant & Adjutant (Captain), 6th U.S. Colored Infantry

David Edwards

Private (Corporal), 146th New York Infantry

John Edwards

Captain of the Top, U.S.S. Lackawanna

Alexander Elliott

Sergeant, 1st Pennsylvania Cavalry

Russell C. Elliott

Sergeant (Second Lieutenant), 3d Massachusetts Cavalry

Horace Ellis

Private, 7th Wisconsin Infantry

William Ellis

First Sergeant (Second Lieutenant), 3d Wisconsin Cavalry

Thomas Foulds Ellsworth

Captain, 55th Massachusetts Colored Infantry

James M. Elson

Sergeant (First Lieutenant), 9th Iowa Infantry

Andrew Henry Embler

Captain (Brevet Colonel U.S. Vols.), 59th New York Infantry

Richard Enderlin

Musician (Sergeant), 73d Ohio Infantry

James Edgar Engle

Sergeant (Brevet Captain), 97th Pennsylvania Infantry

Edmund English

First Sergeant (Captain), 2d New Jersey Infantry

Thomas English

Signal Quartermaster, U.S.S. New Ironsides

Charles D. Ennis

Private, 1st Rhode Island Light Artillery

John P. Erickson

Captain of the Forecastle, U.S.S. Pontoosuc

Lewellyn Garrish Estes

Captain & Assistant Adjutant General (Brevet Brigadier General), U.S. Volunteers

Coron D. Evans

Private, 3d Indiana Cavalry

Ira Hobart Evans

Captain (Brevet Major), 116th U.S. Colored Infantry

James Robert Evans

Private (Captain), 62d New York Infantry

Thomas Evans

Private, 54th Pennsylvania Infantry

Adelbert Everson

Private, 185th New York Infantry

John C. Ewing

Private, 211th Pennsylvania Infantry

John A. Falconer

Corporal, 17th Michigan Infantry

Charles S. Fall

Sergeant, 26th Michigan Infantry

Thomas Timothy Fallon

Private (Sergeant), 37th New York Infantry

Benjamin Frank Falls

Color Sergeant, 19th Massachusetts Infantry

Nicholas Fanning

Private, 4th Iowa Cavalry

William Farley

Boatswain's Mate, U.S.S. Marblehead

Herbert E. Farnsworth

Sergeant Major (Captain), 10th New York Cavalry (Porter Guard)

John Mcgreath Farquhar

Sergeant Major, 89th Illinois Infantry

Edward Farrell

Quartermaster, U.S.S. Owasco

Charles H. Fasnacht

Sergeant (First Lieutenant), 99th Pennsylvania Infantry

John Barclay Fassett

Captain (Major), 23d Pennsylvania Infantry

Albert E. Fernald

First Lieutenant, 20th Maine Infantry

John H. Ferrell

Pilot (Civilian), U.S. Monitor Neosho

Daniel Tweed Ferrier

Sergeant (Quartermaster Sergeant), 2d Indiana Cavalry

Eugene W. Ferris

First Lieutenant & Adjutant (Captain), 30th Massachusetts Infantry

Frank E. Fesq

Private, 40th New Jersey Infantry

Henry S. Finkenbiner

Private (Corporal), 107th Ohio Infantry

John H. Fisher

First Lieutenant, 55th Illinois Infantry

Joseph Fisher

Corporal, 61st Pennsylvania Infantry

Thomas Fitzpatrick

Coxswain, U.S.S. Hartford

Augustin D. Flanagan

Sergeant, 55th Pennsylvania Infantry

James Flannigan

Private (Sergeant), 2d Minnesota Infantry

Christian A. Fleetwood

Sergeant Major, 4th U.S. Colored Infantry

Thomas S. Flood

Boy, U.S.S. Pensacola

Christopher Flynn

Corporal (Sergeant), 14th Connecticut Infantry

James Edward Flynn

Sergeant, 6th Missouri Infantry

Joseph Leonard Follett

Sergeant (Second Lieutenant), 1st Missouri Light Artillery

Manning Ferguson Force

Brigadier General (Brevet Major General), U.S. Volunteers

George W. Ford

First Lieutenant (Captain), 88th New York Infantry

Alexander A. Forman

Corporal, 7th Michigan Infantry

Frederick W. Fout

Second Lieutenant, Indiana Light Artillery

Henry Fox

Sergeant (Captain), 106th Illinois Infantry

Henry M. Fox

Sergeant (Second Lieutenant), 5th Michigan Cavalry

Nicholas Fox

Private, 28th Connecticut Infantry

William R. Fox

Private (Corporal), 95th Pennsylvania Infantry

Charles H. Foy

Signal Quartermaster, U.S.S. Rhode Island

William J. Franks

Seaman (Acting Master's Mate), U.S.S. Marmora

Joseph Frantz

Private, 83d Indiana Infantry

William W. Fraser

Private (Corporal), 97th Illinois Infantry

Archibald Freeman

Private (Sergeant), 124th New York Infantry

Henry Blanchard Freeman

First Lieutenant (Brigadier General), 18th U.S. Infantry

Martin Freeman

1st Class Pilot (Civilian), U.S.S. Hartford

William Henry Freeman

Private, 169th New York Infantry

Samuel S. French

Private, 7th Michigan Infantry

Franz Frey

Corporal, 37th Ohio Infantry

Jacob G. Frick

Colonel, 129th Pennsylvania Infantry

John B. Frisbee

Gunner's Mate, U.S. Steam Gunboat Pinola

Henry F. Frizzell

Private (Corporal), 6th Missouri Infantry

Isaac N. Fry

Orderly Sergeant, U.S.S. Ticonderoga

Frederick W. Fuger

Sergeant (Lieutenant Colonel, Ret.), 4th U.S. Artillery

West Funk

Major (Brevet Colonel), 121st Pennsylvania Infantry

Chester S. Furman

Corporal, 6th Pennsylvania Reserves

Frank Furness

Captain, 6th Pennsylvania Cavalry

Richard J. Gage

Private, 104th Illinois Infantry

George Norton Galloway

Private, 95th Pennsylvania Infantry

John Galloway

Commissary Sergeant (First Lieutenant), 8th Pennsylvania Cavalry

James Gardiner

Private, 36th U.S. Colored Infantry

Charles N. Gardner

Private (Second Lieutenant), 32d Massachusetts Infantry

Robert J. Gardner

Sergeant (First Sergeant), 34th Massachusetts Infantry

William Gardner

Seaman (Ship's Cook), U.S.S. Galena

William Garrett

Sergeant, 41st Ohio Infantry

James R. Garrison

Coal Heaver, U.S.S. Hartford

William Garvin

Captain of the Forecastle (Boatswain's Mate), U.S.S. Agawam

Richard Gasson

Sergeant, 47th New York Infantry

John C. Gaunt

Private, 104th Ohio Infantry

Isaac Gause

Corporal (Sergeant), 2d Ohio Cavalry

Levi B. Gaylord

Sergeant, 29th Massachusetts Infantry

Daniel Griffin George

Ordinary Seaman, U.S. Picket Boat No. 1

Thomas Parke Gere

First Lieutenant & Adjutant, 5th Minnesota Infantry

Nicholas Geschwind

Captain, 116th Illinois Infantry

Wesley Gibbs

Sergeant, 2d Connecticut Heavy Artillery

Benjamin Gifford

Private, 121st New York Infantry

David L. Gifford

Private, 4th Massachusetts Cavalry

Frank S. Gile

Landsman, U.S.S. Lehigh

George Lewis Gillespie Jr.

First Lieutenant (Major General), U.S. Engineers

Edward Lyons Gilligan

First Sergeant (Captain), 88th Pennsylvania Infantry

John Curtis Gilmore

Major (Brigadier General USA), 16th New York Infantry

Patrick J. Ginley

Private, 1st New York Light Artillery

Joseph Gion

Private, 74th New York Infantry

Leonidas Mahlon Godley

First Sergeant, 22d Iowa Infantry

Philip Goettel

Private (Corporal), 149th New York Infantry

Charles Arthur Goheen

First Sergeant (First Lieutenant), 8th New York Cavalry

Andrew E. Goldsbery

Private, 127th Illinois Infantry

Francis Henry Goodall

First Sergeant, 11th New Hampshire Infantry

William Ernest Goodman

First Lieutenant (Major), 147th Pennsylvania Infantry

Edwin Goodrich

First Lieutenant (Brevet Major), 9th New York Cavalry

Charles Gilbert Gould

Captain (Brevet Major), 5th Vermont Infantry

Newton Thomas Gould

Private (Sergeant), 113th Illinois Infantry

George Edward Gouraud

Captain & Aide-de-Camp (Brevet Lieutenant Colonel U.S. Vols.), U.S. Volunteers

Peter Grace

Sergeant (Captain), 83d Pennsylvania Infantry

Robert Graham

Landsman, U.S.S. Tacony

Thomas N. Graham

Second Lieutenant, 15th Indiana Infantry

Gabriel Grant

Surgeon (Major), U.S. Volunteers

Lewis Addison Grant

Colonel (Brevet Major General U.S. Vols.), 5th Vermont Infantry

William L. Graul

Corporal, 188th Pennsylvania Infantry

John Gray

Private (Musician), 5th Ohio Infantry

Robert A. Gray

Sergeant, 21st Connecticut Infantry

M. R. william Grebe

Captain (Major), 4th Missouri Cavalry

George Green

Corporal, 11th Ohio Infantry

Abraham Greenawalt

Private, 104th Ohio Infantry

John Greene

Captain of the Forecastle, U.S.S. Varuna

Oliver Duff Greene

Major & Assistant Adjutant General (Brevet Brigadier General), U.S. Army

Joseph Olds Gregg

Private (Captain), 133d Ohio National Guard Infantry

Theodore W. Greig

Second Lieutenant (Major), 61st New York Infantry

Ignatz Gresser

Corporal, 128th Pennsylvania Infantry

James H. Gribben

First Lieutenant, 2d New York Cavalry

John Griffiths

Captain of the Forecastle, U.S.S. Santiago de Cuba

Samuel Grimshaw

Private (Corporal), 52d Ohio Infantry

James G. Grindlay

Colonel (Brevet Brigadier General), 146th New York Infantry

Luke M. Griswold

Ordinary Seaman, U.S.S. Rhode Island

George M. Grueb

Private (Corporal), 158th New York Infantry

Fitz W. Guerin

Private, 1st Missouri Light Artillery

Thomas Guinn

Private, 47th Ohio Infantry

Nathaniel Mcclean Gwynne

Private (Second Lieutenant), 13th Ohio Cavalry

John Hack

Private, 47th Ohio Infantry

Lester Goodel Hack

Sergeant, 5th Vermont Infantry

Cornelius Minor Hadley

Sergeant (First Lieutenant), 9th Michigan Cavalry

Osgood Towns Hadley

Corporal (Sergeant), 6th New Hampshire Veteran Infantry

Edmund Haffee

Quarter Gunner, U.S.S. New Ironsides

Asel Hagerty

Private, 61st New York Infantry

John H. Haight

Sergeant, 72d New York Infantry

Sidney Haight

Corporal, 1st Michigan Sharpshooters

James Haley

Captain of the Forecastle, U.S.S. Kearsarge

Newton H. Hall

Corporal, 104th Ohio Infantry

Francis Bloodgood Hall

Chaplain, 16th New York Infantry

Henry Seymour Hall

Second Lieutenant & Captain (Brevet Brigadier General, U.S. Vols.), 121st New York Infantry

Nathan Mullock Hallock

Private (Corporal), 124th New York Infantry

William W. Halstead

Coxswain, U.S.S. Brooklyn

Mark G. Ham

Carpenter's Mate, U.S.S. Kearsarge

Hugh Hamilton

Coxswain, U.S.S. Richmond

Richard Hamilton

Coal Heaver, U.S. Picket Boat No. 1

Thomas W. Hamilton

Quartermaster, U.S.S. Cincinnati

Henry A. Hammel

Sergeant (First Sergeant), 1st Missouri Light Artillery

Allexander Hand

Quartermaster, U.S.S. Ceres

Milton Lorenzi Haney

Regimental Chaplain, 55th Illinois Infantry

Edward R. Hanford

Private, 2d U.S. Cavalry

Joseph Hanks

Private, 37th Ohio Infantry

Marcus A. Hanna

Sergeant, 50th Massachusetts Infantry

Milton Hanna

Corporal (Sergeant), 2d Minnesota Infantry

Moses C. Hanscom

Corporal, 19th Maine Infantry

Douglas Hapeman

Lieutenant Colonel (Colonel), 104th Illinois Infantry

John H. Harbourne

Private, 29th Massachusetts Infantry

Thomas Harcourt

Ordinary Seaman, U.S.S. Minnesota

Henry M. Hardenbergh

Private, 39th Illinois Infantry

Thomas Harding

Captain of the Forecastle (Acting Master's Mate), U.S.S. Dacotah

Abram Pye Haring

First Lieutenant, 132d New York Infantry

Bernard Harley

Ordinary Seaman, U.S. Picket Boat No. 1

Amzi Davis Harmon

Corporal, 211th Pennsylvania Infantry

Daniel C. Harrington

Landsman (Acting Masters Mate), U.S.S. Pocahontas

Ephraim W. Harrington

Sergeant (Major), 2d Vermont Infantry

George W. Harris

Private, 148th Pennsylvania Infantry

James H. Harris

Sergeant, 38th U.S. Colored Infantry

John Harris

Captain of the Forecastle, U.S.S. Metacomet

Moses Harris

First Lieutenant (Major), 1st U.S. Cavalry

Sampson Harris

Private, 30th Ohio Infantry

George H. Harrison

Seaman, U.S.S. Kearsarge

John William Hart

Sergeant, 6th Pennsylvania Reserves

William E. Hart

Private (Corporal), 8th New York Cavalry

John Frederic Hartranft

Colonel (Brevet Major General), 4th Pennsylvania Militia

Harry Harvey

Corporal, 22d New York Cavalry

Frank W. Haskell

Sergeant Major, 3d Maine Infantry

Marcus M. Haskell

Sergeant, 35th Massachusetts Infantry

Smith H. Hastings

Captain (Colonel), 5th Michigan Cavalry

John Porter Hatch

Brigadier General (Brevet Major General), 1st Division

Edward W. Hathaway

Seaman, U.S.S. Sciota

John H. Havron

Sergeant, 1st Rhode Island Light Artillery

Charles Hawkins

Seaman (Boatswain's Mate), U.S.S. Agawam

Gardner C. Hawkins

First Lieutenant (Colonel), 3d Vermont Infantry

Martin Jones Hawkins

Corporal (First Lieutenant), 33d Ohio Infantry

Thomas R. Hawkins

Sergeant Major, 6th U.S. Colored Infantry

Harris Smith Hawthorne

Corporal (Sergeant), 121st New York Infantry

Joseph B. Hayden

Quartermaster, U.S.S. Ticonderoga

John Hayes

Coxswain, U.S.S. Kearsarge

Thomas Hayes

Coxswain, U.S.S. Richmond

Asbury F. Haynes

Corporal (First Sergeant), 17th Maine Infantry

John Henry Hays

Private, 4th Iowa Cavalry

George Washington Healey

Private (Corporal), 5th Iowa Cavalry

Joseph S. Hedges

First Lieutenant (Captain), 4th U.S. Cavalry

William Laing Heermance

Captain, 6th New York Cavalry

Henry Heller

Sergeant, 66th Ohio Infantry

David H. Helms

Private (First Sergeant), 83d Indiana Infantry

Guy Vernor Henry

Colonel (Major General), 40th Massachusetts Infantry

James Henry

Sergeant (First Sergeant), 113th Illinois Infantry

William Wirt Henry

Colonel (Brevet Brigadier General), 10th Vermont Infantry

Pitt B. Herington

Private, 11th Iowa Infantry

Francis Jay Herron

Lieutenant Colonel (Major General), 9th Iowa Infantry

Francis Snow Hesseltine

Lieutenant Colonel, 13th Maine Infantry

Joseph C. Hibson

Private (Bugler), 48th New York Infantry

Dennis William Hickey

Sergeant, 2d New York Cavalry

John S. Hickman

Second Class Fireman, U.S.S. Richmond

Nathan E. Hickok

Corporal, 8th Connecticut Infantry

Charles Higby

Private, 1st Pennsylvania Cavalry

Thomas J. Higgins

Sergeant, 99th Illinois Infantry

Patrick Highland

Corporal (Sergeant), 23d Illinois Infantry

Edward Hill

Captain (Lieutenant Colonel), 16th Michigan Infantry

Henry Hill

Corporal (Sergeant), 50th Pennsylvania Infantry

James Hill

First Lieutenant, 21st Iowa Infantry

James Samuel Hill

Sergeant, 14th New York Heavy Artillery

Benjamin F. Hilliker

Musician, 8th Wisconsin Infantry

William Giles Hills

Private, 9th New York Cavalry

Alfred B. Hilton

Sergeant, 4th U.S. Colored Infantry

William B. Hincks

Sergeant Major (Major), 14th Connecticut Infantry

William Hinnegan

Second Class Fireman, U.S.S. Agawam

Addison J. Hodges

Private (Corporal), 47th Ohio Infantry

Henry Hoffman

Corporal, 2d Ohio Cavalry

Thomas W. Hoffman

Captain (Brevet Lieutenant Colonel), 208th Pennsylvania Infantry

Franklin Hogan

Corporal, 45th Pennsylvania Infantry

William P. Hogarty

Private (Lieutenant U.S.A.Captain U.S. Vols.), 23d New York Infantry

Daniel Irving Holcomb

Private (Corporal), 41st Ohio Infantry

James Holehouse

Private, 7th Massachusetts Infantry

Milton Murray Holland

Sergeant Major, 5th U.S. Colored Infantry

Lemuel F. Holland

Corporal (Sergeant), 104th Illinois Infantry

George Hollat

Third Class Boy, U.S.S. Varuna

Lovilo N. Holmes

First Sergeant (Captain), 2d Minnesota Infantry

William T. Holmes

Private, 3d Indiana Cavalry

Charles Maynard Holton

First Sergeant (Second Lieutenant), 7th Michigan Cavalry

Edward A. Holton

First Sergeant (Captain), 6th Vermont Infantry

Conrad Homan

Color Sergeant (First Lieutenant), 29th Massachusetts Infantry

George White Hooker

First Lieutenant (Brevet Lieutenant Colonel U.S. Vols.), 4th Vermont Infantry

William B. Hooper

Corporal (Quartermaster Sergeant), 1st New Jersey Cavalry

Charles F. Hopkins

Corporal, 1st New Jersey Infantry

Thomas Horan

Sergeant, 72d New York Infantry

Samuel Belton Horne

Captain, 11th Connecticut Infantry

William H. Horsfall

Drummer, 1st Kentucky Infantry

James Horton

Gunner's Mate (Paymaster's Steward), U.S.S. Montauk

Lewis Augustine Horton

Seaman, U.S.S. Rhode Island

Solomon J. Hottenstine

Private (Sergeant), 107th Pennsylvania Infantry

Ira Hough

Private, 8th Indiana Infantry

Charles H. Houghton

Captain (Colonel), 14th New York Artillery

Edward J. Houghton

Ordinary Seaman, U.S. Picket Boat No. 1

George L. Houghton

Private, 104th Illinois Infantry

William M. Houlton

Commissary Sergeant, 1st West Virginia Cavalry

Henderson Calvin Howard

Corporal (First Sergeant), 11th Pennsylvania Reserves

Hiram Reese Howard

Private, 11th Ohio Infantry

James Howard

Sergeant, 158th New York Infantry

Martin Howard

Landsman, U.S.S. Tacony

Oliver Otis Howard

Brigadier General (Major General), U.S. Volunteers

Peter Howard

Boatswain's Mate (Acting Ensign), U.S.S. Mississippi

Squire Edward Howard

First Sergeant (Captain), 8th Vermont Infantry

William H. Howe

Sergeant (First Lieutenant), 29th Massachusetts Infantry

Orion P. Howe

Musician (Corporal), 55th Illinois Infantry

William Stone Hubbell

Captain (Brevet Major), 21st Connecticut Infantry

Aaron R. Hudson

Private, 17th Indiana Mounted Volunteers

Michael Hudson

Sergeant, U.S.S. Brooklyn

Oliver Hughes

Corporal, 12th Kentucky Infantry

John P. Hughey

Corporal, 2d Ohio Cavalry

Henry Shippen Huidekoper

Lieutenant Colonel (Pennsylvania National Guard) (Major General), 150th Pennsylvania Infantry

Louis T. Hunt

Private, 6th Missouri Infantry

Charles Adams Hunter

Sergeant, 34th Massachusetts Infantry

John C. Hunterson

Private, 3d Pennsylvania Cavalry

Michael Huskey

Fireman (Fireman First Class), U.S.S. Carondelet

Theodore Hyatt

First Sergeant, 127th Illinois Infantry

Thomas Worcester Hyde

Major (Brevet Brigadier General), 7th Maine Infantry

John Hyland

Seaman (Assistant Gunner), U.S.S. Signal

Samuel Hymer

Captain, 115th Illinois Infantry

Charles Henry Ilgenfritz

Sergeant (First Sergeant), 207th Pennsylvania Infantry

Lorenzo Dow Immell

Corporal (First Lieutenant), 2d U.S. Artillery

Lewis J. Ingalls

Private, 8th Vermont Infantry

Leonidas H. Inscho

Corporal (First Lieutenant), 12th Ohio Infantry

Joseph Irlam

Seaman, U.S.S. Brooklyn

Francis Irsch

Captain, 45th New York Infantry

John Irving

Coxswain, U.S.S. Brooklyn

Thomas Irving

Coxswain (Acting Master's Mate), U.S.S. Lehigh

Nicholas Irwin

Seaman, U.S.S. Brooklyn

Patrick Irwin

First Sergeant (First Lieutenant), 14th Michigan Infantry

Frederick Randolph Jackson

First Sergeant (Sergeant Major), 7th Connecticut Infantry

Eugene Philip Jacobson

Sergeant Major (Brevet Captain, U.S. Vols.), 74th New York Infantry

Isaac James

Private, 110th Ohio Infantry

John H. James

Captain of the Top, U.S.S. Richmond

Miles James

Corporal (First Sergeant), 36th U.S. Colored Infantry

Walter Jamieson

First Sergeant (Captain), 139th New York Infantry

James Jardine

Sergeant (First Lieutenant), 54th Ohio Infantry

Benjamin H. Jellison

Sergeant (Captain), 19th Massachusetts Infantry

Thomas Jenkins

Seaman, U.S.S. Cincinnati

James T. Jennings

Private (Corporal), 56th Pennsylvania Infantry

Erastus W. Jewett

First Lieutenant, 9th Vermont Infantry

William F. John

Private, 37th Ohio Infantry

Franklin Johndro

Private, 118th New York Infantry

Elisha Johns

Corporal (Sergeant), 113th Illinois Infantry

Henry T. Johns

Private (First Lieutenant), 49th Massachusetts Infantry

Andrew Johnson

Private, 116th Illinois Infantry

Follett Johnson

Corporal, 60th New York Infantry

John Johnson

Private, 2d Wisconsin Infantry

Joseph Esrey Johnson

First Lieutenant (Brevet Major), 58th Pennsylvania Infantry

Ruel M. Johnson

Major (Colonel), 100th Indiana Infantry

Samuel Johnson

Private (Second Lieutenant), 9th Pennsylvania Reserves

Henry Johnson

Seaman, U.S.S. Metacomet

Wallace W. Johnson

Sergeant, 6th Pennsylvania Reserves

David H. Johnston

Private, 8th Missouri Infantry

William "Willie" Johnston

Musician, 3d Vermont Infantry

William P. Johnston

Landsman, U.S.S. Fort Hindman

Andrew Jones

Chief Boatswain's Mate, U.S. Ironclad Chickasaw

David Jones

Private (First Lieutenant), 54th Ohio Infantry

John Jones

Landsman, U.S.S. Rhode Island

John E. Jones

Quartermaster, U.S.S. Oneida

Thomas Jones

Coxswain, U.S.S. Ticonderoga

William Jones

First Sergeant, 73d New York Infantry

William Jones

Captain of the Top, U.S.S. Richmond

Absalom Jordan

Corporal, 3d Indiana Cavalry

Robert Jordan

Coxswain, U.S.S. Minnesota (temporarily on U.S.S. Mount Washington

Thomas H. Jordan

Quartermaster, U.S.S. Galena

Simeon T. Josselyn

First Lieutenant, 13th Illinois Infantry

Francis W. Judge

First Sergeant (Brevet Major U.S. Vols.), 79th New York Infantry

John Kaiser

First Sergeant (Ordnance Sergeant), 2d U.S. Artillery

Luther Kaltenbach

Corporal (Sergeant), 12th Iowa Infantry

John Kane

Corporal (Sergeant), 100th New York Infantry

Thomas Kane

Captain of the Hold, U.S.S. Nereus

Peter Kappesser

Private, 149th New York Infantry

Leopold Karpeles

Sergeant (Color Sergeant), 57th Massachusetts Infantry

August Kauss

Corporal, 15th New York Heavy Artillery

Joseph Keele

Sergeant Major (Captain), 182d New York Infantry

Joseph S. Keen

Sergeant, 13th Michigan Infantry

Joseph Keene

Private (Corporal), 26th New York Infantry

Andrew John Kelley

Private (Sergeant), 17th Michigan Infantry

George V. Kelley

Captain, 104th Ohio Infantry

John Kelley

Second Class Fireman, U.S.S. Ceres

Leverett Mansfield Kelley

Sergeant (Captain), 36th Illinois Infantry

Thomas Joseph Kelly

Private, 6th New York Cavalry

Alexander Kelly

First Sergeant, 6th U.S. Colored Infantry

Daniel Armer Kelly

Sergeant (Quartermaster Sergeant), 8th New York Cavalry

Joseph Bell Kemp

First Sergeant (Captain), 5th Michigan Infantry

William Wesley Kendall

First Sergeant (First Lieutenant), 49th Indiana Infantry

Thomas Kendrick

Coxswain, U.S.S. Oneida

Barnett Kenna

Quartermaster, U.S.S. Brooklyn

John Kennedy

Private (Ordance Sergeant, Ret.), 2d U.S. Artillery

Charles W. Kenyon

Fireman (Acting Third Assistant Engineer), U.S.S. Galena

John Snyders Kenyon

Sergeant, 3d New York Cavalry

Samuel P. Kenyon

Private (Quartermaster Sergeant), 24th New York Cavalry

John Keough

Corporal, 67th Pennsylvania Infantry

James Kephart

Private, 13th U.S. Infantry

Thomas R. Kerr

Captain, 14th Pennsylvania Cavalry

John Kiggins

Sergeant, 149th New York Infantry

Joseph Kimball

Private (Corporal), 2d West Virginia Cavalry

John M. Kindig

Corporal (Sergeant), 63d Pennsylvania Infantry

Robert Henry King

Landsman, U.S. Picket Boat No. 1

Horatio Collins King

Major & Quartermaster (Brevet Colonel), U.S. Volunteers

Rufus King Jr.

First Lieutenant (Brevet Major), 4th U.S. Artillery

Samuel W. Kinnaird

Landsman (Ordinary Seaman), U.S.S. Lackawanna

John Kinsey

Corporal, 45th Pennsylvania Infantry

Dennis Thomas Kirby

Major (Brevet Brigadier General), 8th Missouri Infantry

Jonathan C. Kirk

Captain, 20th Indiana Infantry

Harry Kline

Private (Corporal), 40th New York Infantry

Charles H. Kloth

Private, Illinois Light Artillery

Charles H. Knight

Corporal, 9th New Hampshire Infantry

William J. Knight

Private, 21st Ohio Infantry

Abiather J. Knowles

Private (Captain), 2d Maine Infantry

Edward M. Knox

Second Lieutenant, 15th New York Battery Light Artillery

Jacob Koogle

First Lieutenant, 7th Maryland Infantry

John S. Kountz

Musician, 37th Ohio Infantry

Theodore L. Kramer

Private, 188th Pennsylvania Infantry

George Kretsinger

Private, Illinois Light Artillery

Andrew Kuder

Second Lieutenant (Captain), 8th New York Cavalry

Jeremiah Kuder

Lieutenant (Captain), 74th Indiana Infantry

Joseph S. Labill

Private, 6th Missouri Infantry

George Ladd

Private, 22d New York Cavalry

John Lafferty

Fireman (First Class Fireman), U.S.S. Wyalusing

Bartlett Laffey

Seaman (Acting Master's Mate), U.S.S. Marmora

William Laing

Sergeant, 158th New York Infantry

Daniel Lakin

Seaman, U.S.S. Commodore Perry

James Parker Landis

Chief Bugler, 1st Pennsylvania Cavalry

Morgan D. Lane

Private, Signal Corps

Aaron Steven Lanfare

First Lieutenant (Captain), 1st Connecticut Cavalry

Johann Christoph julius Langbein

Musician (Drummer), 9th New York Infantry

John S. Lann

Landsman, U.S.S. Magnolia

Smith Larimer

Corporal, 2d Ohio Cavalry

James W. Larrabee

Corporal (First Sergeant), 55th Illinois Infantry

Gaines Lawson

First Sergeant (Brevet Lieutenant Colonel), 4th East Tennessee Infantry

John Henry Lawson

Landsman, U.S.S. Hartford

Henry Ware Lawton

Captain (Major General), 30th Indiana Infantry

Nicholas Lear

Quartermaster, U.S.S. New Ironsides

James H. Lee

Seaman (Captain of the Top), U.S.S. Kearsarge

George W. Leland

Gunner's Mate (Acting Master's Mate), U.S.S. Lehigh

Pierre Leon

Captain of the Forecastle, U.S.S. Baron De Kalb

Edwin Leonard

Sergeant, 37th Massachusetts Infantry

William Edman Leonard

Private (Second Lieutenant), 85th Pennsylvania Infantry

Frank Leslie

Private (Corporal), 4th New York Cavalry

Benjamin Bennett Levy

Private (Color Sergeant), 1st New York Infantry

Dewitt Clinton Lewis

Captain (Brevet Lieutenant Colonel), 97th Pennsylvania Infantry

Henry Lewis

Corporal (First Sergeant), 47th Ohio Infantry

Samuel E. Lewis

Corporal, 1st Rhode Island Light Artillery

Adolph Libaire

Captain, 9th New York Infantry

John Lilley

Private, 205th Pennsylvania Infantry

Henry F. w Little

Sergeant (First Lieutenant), 7th New Hampshire Infantry

George H. Littlefield

Corporal, 1st Maine Veteran Infantry

Josiah O. Livingston

First Lieutenant & Adjutant (Captain), 9th Vermont Infantry

Benjamin Lloyd

Coal Heaver (Fireman Second Class), U.S.S. Wyalusing

John W. Lloyd

Coxswain, U.S.S. Wyalusing

Lewis Locke

Private, 1st New Jersey Cavalry

Hugh Logan

Captain of the Afterguard, U.S.S. Rhode Island

John Lonergan

Captain, 13th Vermont Infantry

William Henry Longshore

Private, 30th Ohio Infantry

Joseph Lonsway

Private, 20th New York Cavalry

William Lord

Musician, 40th Massachusetts Infantry

Andrew Jackson Lorish

Commissary Sergeant (Brevet First Lieutenant), 19th New York Cavalry (1st New York Dragoons)

George Maltby Love

Colonel (Brevet Brigadier General U.S. Volunteers), 116th New York Infantry

George Mason Lovering

First Sergeant (First Lieutenant), 4th Massachusetts Infantry

Cyrus B. Lower

Private, 13th Pennsylvania Reserves

Robert A. Lower

Private, 55th Illinois Infantry

George A. Loyd

Private, 122d Ohio Infantry

George Washington Lucas

Private, 3d Missouri Cavalry

Moses Augustine Luce

Sergeant, 4th Michigan Infantry

William Ludgate

Captain (Brevet Major), 59th New York Veteran Infantry

Carl Ludwig

Private (Corporal), 34th New York Battery

Alphonso M. Lunt

Sergeant, 38th Massachusetts Infantry

Franklin W. Lutes

Corporal, 111th New York Infantry

James Hezikiah Luther

Private (Corporal), 7th Massachusetts Infantry

Gotlieb Luty

Corporal, 74th New York Infantry

Joel Huntington Lyman

Quartermaster Sergeant (First Lieutenant), 9th New York Cavalry

Frederick A. Lyon

Corporal (Sergeant), 1st Vermont Cavalry

Thomas G. Lyons

Seaman, U.S.S. Pensacola

Arthur MacArthur Jr.

First Lieutenant & Adjutant (Lieutenant General), 24th Wisconsin Infantry

James MacHon

Boy (Boy First Class), U.S.S. Brooklyn

Alexander Mack

Captain of the Top (Chief Boatswain's Mate Ret.), U.S.S. Brooklyn

John Mack

Seaman, U.S.S. Hendrick Hudson

John Freeman Mackie

Corporal (Orderly Sergeant), U.S.S. Galena

Michael Madden

Private, 42d New York Infantry

William Madden

Coal Heaver, U.S.S. Brooklyn

James Madison

Sergeant, 8th New York Cavalry

William Magee

Drummer, 33d New Jersey Infantry

Jeremiah Mahoney

First Sergeant, 29th Massachusetts Infantry

Harry J. Mandy

First Sergeant (First Lieutenant), 4th New York Cavalry

Richard Christopher Mangam

Private, 148th New York Infantry

Joseph S. Manning

Private, 29th Massachusetts Infantry

William Marland

First Lieutenant (Brevet Major), Massachusetts Light Artillery

Charles D. Marquette

Sergeant, 93d Pennsylvania Infantry

George Marsh

Sergeant, 104th Illinois Infantry

Albert Marsh

Sergeant, 64th New York Infantry

Charles H. Marsh

Private, 1st Connecticut Cavalry

Edward S. Martin

Quartermaster, U.S.S. Galena

James Martin

Sergeant, U.S.S. Richmond

Sylvester Hopkins Martin

Lieutenant (Captain), 88th Pennsylvania Infantry

William Martin

Seaman, U.S.S. Varuna

William Martin

Boatswain's Mate (Master's Mate), U.S.S. Benton

Elihu H. Mason

Sergeant (Second Lieutenant), 21st Ohio Infantry

William Henry Mathews

First Sergeant (Captain), 2d Maryland Veteran Infantry

John Calvin Matthews

Corporal (Sergeant), 61st Pennsylvania Infantry

Milton Matthews

Private, 61st Pennsylvania Infantry

Henry B. Mattingly

Private, 10th Kentucky Infantry

Charles Porter Mattocks

Colonel (Brevet Brigadier General), 17th Maine Infantry

Lowell Mason Maxham

Corporal, 7th Massachusetts Infantry

William C. May

Private, 32d Iowa Infantry

John B. Mayberry

Private (Sergeant), 1st Delaware Infantry

William B. Mayes

Private, 11th Iowa Infantry

George Henry Maynard

Private (Brevet Major), 13th Massachusetts Infantry

Peter McAdams

Corporal (Second Lieutenant), 98th Pennsylvania Infantry

Benjamin Franklin McAlwee

Sergeant (Sergeant Major), 3d Maryland Infantry

Charles McAnally

Second Lieutenant (Captain), 69th Pennsylvania Infantry

William Wallace McCammon

First Lieutenant (Major Ret.), 24th Missouri Infantry

Bernard McCarren

Private (Corporal), 1st Delaware Infantry

Joseph McCauslin

Private, 12th West Virginia Infantry

Charles E. McCleary

First Lieutenant (Captain), 72d Ohio Infantry

James M. McClelland

Private, 30th Ohio Infantry

Matthew McClelland

First Class Fireman, U.S.S. Richmond

Samuel McConnell

Captain, 119th Illinois Infantry

Michael McCormick

Boatswain's Mate, U.S.S. Signal

Andrew McCornack

Private, 127th Illinois Infantry

Adam McCullock

Seaman, U.S.S. Lackawanna

John Wade McDonald

Private, 20th Illinois Infantry

John McDonald

Boatswain's Mate, U.S.S. Baron De Kalb

George E. McDonald

Private, 1st Connecticut Heavy Artillery

Samuel O. McElhinny

Private, 2d West Virginia Cavalry

Patrick H. McEnroe

Sergeant, 6th New York Cavalry

Daniel Robert McFall

Sergeant, 17th Michigan Infantry

John C. McFarland

Captain of the Forecastle, U.S.S. Hartford

Edward McGinn

Private (First Lieutenant), 54th Ohio Infantry

Wilson McGonagle

Private, 30th Ohio Infantry

Andrew Jackson McGonnigle

Captain & Assistant Quartermaster (Colonel), U.S. Volunteers

Owen McGough

Corporal, 5th U.S. Artillery

John McGowan

Quartermaster, U.S.S. Varuna

Thomas McGraw

Sergeant, 23d Illinois Infantry

Patrick McGuire

Private, Illinois Light Artillery

Alexander U. McHale

Corporal (Sergeant), 26th Michigan Infantry

Martin McHugh

Seaman, U.S.S. Cincinnati

James McIntosh

Captain of the Top, U.S.S. Richmond

Charles W. McKay

Sergeant (Captain), 154th New York Infantry

George McKee

Color Sergeant, 89th New York Infantry

Nineveh S. McKeen

First Lieutenant (Brevet Major), 21st Illinois Infantry

Michael McKeever

Private (First Sergeant), 5th Pennsylvania Cavalry

William McKnight

Coxswain (Master's Mate), U.S.S. Varuna

Nathaniel A. McKown

Sergeant (First Lieutenant), 58th Pennsylvania Infantry

James McLeod

Captain of the Foretop, U.S.S. Pensacola

Martin Thomas McMahon

Captain & Aide-de-Camp (Brevet Major General), U.S. Volunteers

Francis M. McMillen

Sergeant (Sergeant Major), 110th Ohio Infantry

John P. McVeane

Corporal, 49th New York Infantry

Walter F. McWhorter

Commissary Sergeant, 3d West Virginia Cavalry

George Washington McWilliams

Landsman, U.S.S. Pontoosuc

George E. Meach

Farrier (Sergeant), 6th New York Cavalry

Thomas Meagher

First Sergeant (Brevet First Lieutenant NY Volunteers), 158th New York Infantry

George W. Mears

Sergeant, 6th Pennsylvania Reserves

Charles Melville

Ordinary Seaman, U.S.S. Hartford

John William Menter

Sergeant, 5th Michigan Infantry

Henry Clay Merriam

Lieutenant Colonel (Major General), 73d U.S. Colored Infantry

James K. Merrifield

Corporal, 88th Illinois Infantry

Augustus Merrill

Captain, 1st Maine Veteran Infantry

George Merrill

Private, 142d New York Infantry

John G. Merritt

Sergeant, 1st Minnesota Infantry

Henry Coddington Meyer

Captain (Brevet Major NY Volunteers), 24th New York Cavalry

James Mifflin

Engineer's Cook, U.S.S. Brooklyn

Nelson Appleton Miles

Colonel (Lieutenant General Ret.), 61st New York Infantry

James Miller

Quartermaster (Acting Master's Mate), U.S. Steam Gunboat Marblehead

James P. Miller

Private, 4th Iowa Cavalry

John G. Miller

Corporal (Sergeant), 8th Ohio Infantry

John Miller

Private, 8th New York Cavalry

William Edward Miller

Captain, 3d Pennsylvania Cavalry

Andrew Miller

Sergeant, U.S.S. Richmond

Frank Miller

Private, 2d New York Cavalry

Henry August Miller

Captain, 8th Illinois Infantry

Jacob C. Miller

Private (Sergeant), 113th Illinois Infantry

Daniel Milliken

Quarter Gunner, U.S.S. New Ironsides

Frank W. Mills

Sergeant (First Sergeant), 1st New York Mounted Rifles

Charles Mills

Seaman, U.S.S. Minnesota

George Washington Mindil

Captain (Brevet Major General), 61st Pennsylvania Infantry

Alexander H. Mitchell

First Lieutenant (Captain), 105th Pennsylvania Infantry

Theodore Mitchell

Private, 61st Pennsylvania Infantry

John Henry Moffitt

Corporal (Sergeant), 16th New York Infantry

Archibald Molbone

Sergeant, 1st Rhode Island Light Artillery

Hugh Molloy

Ordinary Seaman, U.S.S. Fort Hindman

Patrick H. Monaghan

Corporal (Lieutenant Colonel), 48th Pennsylvania Infantry

Robert William Montgomery

Captain of the Afterguard, U.S.S. Agawam

Charles Moore

Landsman, U.S. Steam Gunboat Marblehead

Charles Moore

Seaman, U.S.S. Kearsarge

Daniel B. Moore

Corporal (Brevet Captain), 11th Wisconsin Infantry

George Moore

Seaman, U.S.S. Rhode Island

George G. Moore

Private, 11th West Virginia Infantry

Wilbur F. Moore

Private, 117th Illinois Infantry

William Moore

Boatswain's Mate, U.S.S. Benton

Delano Morey

Private, 82d Ohio Infantry

Jerome Morford

Private, 55th Illinois Infantry

James H. Morgan

Captain of the Top, U.S.S. Richmond

Lewis Morgan

Private (Sergeant), 4th Ohio Infantry

Richard H. Morgan

Corporal, 4th Iowa Cavalry

Walter Goodale Morrill

Captain (Colonel), 20th Maine Infantry

William Powers Morris

Sergeant, 1st New York (Lincoln) Cavalry

Francis Morrison

Private, 85th Pennsylvania Infantry

John G. Morrison

Coxswain, U.S.S. Carondelet

Benjamin Morse

Private (Corporal), 3d Michigan Infantry

Charles E. Morse

Sergeant, 62d New York Infantry

Charles W. Morton

Boatswain's Mate, U.S.S. Benton

John William Mostoller

Private, 54th Pennsylvania Infantry

St. Clair Agustin Mulholland

Major (Brevet Major General), 116th Pennsylvania Infantry

Patrick Mullen

Boatswain's Mate, U.S.S. Wyandank

Walter L. Mundell

Corporal, 5th Michigan Infantry

Harvey May Munsell

Sergeant (Captain), 99th Pennsylvania Infantry

Charles Joseph Murphy

First Lieutenant & Quartermaster (Colonel), 38th New York Infantry

Daniel J. Murphy

Sergeant (Second Lieutenant), 19th Massachusetts Infantry

Dennis J. f Murphy

Sergeant, 14th Wisconsin Infantry

James T. Murphy

Private (Sergeant), 1st Connecticut Artillery

John P. Murphy

Private (First Sergeant), 5th Ohio Infantry

Michael C. Murphy

Lieutenant Colonel (Colonel), 170th New York Infantry

Patrick Murphy

Boatswain's Mate (Chief Boatswain's Mate), U.S.S. Metacomet

Robinson Barr Murphy

Musician, 127th Illinois Infantry

Thomas C. Murphy

Corporal, 31st Illinois Infantry

Thomas Murphy

Corporal, 158th New York Infantry

Thomas J. Murphy

First Sergeant, 146th New York Infantry

George S. Myers

Private, 101st Ohio Infantry

William H. Myers

Private, 1st Maryland Cavalry

Henry H. Nash

Corporal, 47th Ohio Infantry

David Johnson Naylor

Landsman, U.S.S. Oneida

Zachariah C. Neahr

Private, 142d New York Infantry

John Neil

Quarter Gunner (Master-at-Arms), U.S.S. Agawam

Edwin Michael Neville

Captain, 1st Connecticut Cavalry

William D. Newland

Ordinary Seaman, U.S.S. Oneida

Marcellus J. Newman

Private, 111th Illinois Infantry

William Henry Newman

Lieutenant (Captain), 86th New York Infantry

John H. Nibbe

Quartermaster, U.S.S. Petrel

Henry Clay Nichols

Captain, 73d U.S. Colored Infantry

William Nichols

Quartermaster, U.S.S. Brooklyn

Robert Niven

Second Lieutenant (Captain), 8th New York Cavalry

Daniel Noble

Landsman, U.S.S. Metacomet

John J. Nolan

Sergeant (Second Lieutenant), 8th New Hampshire Infantry

Conrad Noll

Sergeant, 20th Michigan Infantry

Jasper N. North

Private, 4th West Virginia Infantry

Elliott Malloy Norton

Second Lieutenant (First Lieutenant), 6th Michigan Cavalry

John R. Norton

Second Lieutenant, 1st New York (Lincoln) Cavalry

Llewellyn Powell Norton

Sergeant (Sergeant Major), 10th New York Cavalry

William W. Noyes

Private, 2d Vermont Infantry

Christopher Nugent

Orderly Sergeant, U.S.S. Fort Henry

Lee Nutting

Captain, 61st New York Infantry

James Rowan O'Beirne

Captain (Brigadier General), 37th New York Infantry

Henry D. O'Brien

Corporal (Major), 1st Minnesota Infantry

Oliver Albert O'Brien

Coxswain (Acting Master's Mate), U.S. Sloop John Adams

Peter O'Brien

Private (Corporal), 1st New York (Lincoln) Cavalry

Thomas O'Connell

Coal Heaver, U.S.S. Hartford

Albert O'Connor

Sergeant (First Sergeant), 7th Wisconsin Infantry

Timothy O'Connor

Private (Sergeant), 1st U.S. Cavalry

John O'Dea

Private, 8th Missouri Infantry

Menomen O'Donnell

First Lieutenant (Captain), 11th Missouri Infantry

Timothy O'Donoghue

Seaman, U.S.S. Signal

Stephen O'Neill

Corporal (Ordance Sergeant Ret.), 7th U.S. Infantry

Charles Oliver

Sergeant (Brevet Captain), 100th Pennsylvania Infantry

Paul Ambrose Oliver

Captain (Brevet Brigadier General), 12th New York Infantry

John N. Opel

Private, 7th Indiana Infantry

David Orbansky

Private (Corporal), 58th Ohio Infantry

Charles Alvin Orr

Private, 187th New York Infantry

Robert Levan Orr

Major (Colonel), 61st Pennsylvania Infantry

John Ortega

Seaman (Master's Mate), U.S.S. Saratoga

Jacob George Orth

Corporal (Sergeant), 28th Pennsylvania Infantry

William Henry Osborne

Private, 29th Massachusetts Infantry

Albert Oss

Private, 11th New Jersey Infantry

Jacob H. Overturf

Private (Sergeant), 83d Indiana Infantry

Miles M. Oviatt

Corporal, U.S.S. Brooklyn

Loron F. Packard

Private, 5th New York Cavalry

George Henry Palmer

Musician (Major), 1st Illinois Cavalry

John Gideon Palmer

Corporal, 21st Connecticut Infantry

William Jackson Palmer

Colonel (Brevet Brigadier General), 15th Pennsylvania Cavalry

Thomas Parker

Corporal, 2d Rhode Island Infantry

William Parker

Captain of the Afterguard, U.S.S. Cayuga

George Parks

Captain of the Forecastle, U.S.S. Richmond

Henry Jeremiah Parks

Private (Captain), 9th New York Cavalry

James W. Parks

Corporal, 11th Missouri Infantry

Jacob Parrott

Private (First Lieutenant), 33d Ohio Infantry

Joel Parsons

Private, 4th West Virginia Infantry

John T. Patterson

Principal Musician, 122d Ohio Infantry

John Henry Patterson

First Lieutenant (Brigadier General Ret.), 11th U.S. Infantry

William H. Paul

Private (First Sergeant), 90th Pennsylvania Infantry

Byron E. Pay

Private, 2d Minnesota Infantry

Irvin C. Payne

Corporal (Sergeant), 2d New York Cavalry

Thomas H. l Payne

First Lieutenant (Captain), 37th Illinois Infantry

Platt Pearsall

Corporal, 30th Ohio Infantry

Alfred L. Pearson

Colonel (Brevet Major General), 155th Pennsylvania Infantry

Joachim Pease

Seaman, U.S.S. Kearsarge

Cassius Peck

Private (Sergeant), 1st U.S. Sharpshooters

Oscar E. Peck

Second Class Boy, U.S.S. Varuna

Theodore Safford Peck

First Lieutenant (Major General), 9th Vermont Infantry

James Kastor Peirsol

Sergeant (First Lieutenant), 13th Ohio Cavalry

William Pelham

Landsman, U.S.S. Hartford

Galusha Pennypacker

Colonel (Major General U.S.A.), 97th Pennsylvania Infantry

Patrick Henry Pentzer

Captain, 97th Illinois Infantry

Thomas Perry

Boatswain's Mate, U.S.S. Kearsarge

Joseph M. Pesch

Private, 1st Missouri Light Artillery

Henry Carlton Peters

Private (Sergeant), 47th Ohio Infantry

Alfred Peterson

Seaman, U.S.S. Commodore Perry

Philip Petty

Sergeant (Color Sergeant), 136th Pennsylvania Infantry

Charles Edward Phelps

Colonel (Brevet Brigadier General), 7th Maryland Infantry

Josiah Phillips

Private, 148th Pennsylvania Infantry

William Phinney

Boatswain's Mate, U.S.S. Lackawanna

Frederick Phisterer

First Lieutenant (Brevet Major General), 18th U.S. Infantry

Alonzo H. Pickle

Sergeant, 1st Battlion Minnesota Infantry

Edward M. Pike

First Sergeant, 33d Illinois Infantry

Samuel E. Pingree

Captain (Colonel), 3d Vermont Infantry

Charles H. Pinkham

Sergeant Major (Brevet Captain), 57th Massachusetts Infantry

Robert A. Pinn

First Sergeant, 5th U.S. Colored Infantry

James Milton Pipes

Captain, 140th Pennsylvania Infantry

George J. Pitman

Sergeant, 1st New York (Lincoln) Cavalry

William Pittinger

Sergeant, 2d Ohio Infantry

Henry E. Plant

Corporal (Color Sergeant), 14th Michigan Infantry

George Crawford Platt

Private (Sergeant), 6th U.S. Cavalry

William Plimley

First Lieutenant (Major), 120th New York Infantry

George H. Plowman

Sergeant Major (Captain), 3d Maryland Infantry

Thomas Plunkett

Sergeant, 21st Massachusetts Infantry

George F. Pond

Private, 3d Wisconsin Cavalry

James Burton Pond

First Lieutenant (Major), 3d Wisconsin Cavalry

William B. Poole

Quartermaster, U.S.S. Kearsarge

Ambrose Porter

Commissary Sergeant (First Lieutenant), 12th Missouri Cavalry

Horace Porter

Captain (Brevet Brigadier General), U.S. Army

John Reed Porter

Private (First Lieutenant), 21st Ohio Infantry

William Porter

Sergeant, 1st New Jersey Cavalry

Philip Sidney Post

Colonel (Brevet Brigadier General), 59th Illinois Infantry

James Parke Postles

Captain, 1st Delaware Infantry

Norman F. Potter

First Sergeant, 149th New York Infantry

George W. Potter

Private, 1st Rhode Island Light Artillery

William Henry Powell

Major (Brevet Major General), 2d West Virginia Cavalry

Albert Power

Private (First Sergeant), 3d Iowa Cavalry

Wesley James Powers

Corporal, 147th Illinois Infantry

George Prance

Captain of the Main Top, U.S.S. Ticonderoga

Joseph Rollin Prentice

Private, 19th U.S. Infantry

John Preston

Landsman, U.S.S. Oneida

Noble Delance Preston

First Lieutenant & Commissary (Lieutenant Colonel), 10th New York Cavalry

Edward Price

Coxswain, U.S.S. Brooklyn

George Province

Ordinary Seaman, U.S.S. Santiago de Cuba

Hiram W. Purcell

Sergeant, 104th Pennsylvania Infantry

James Jackson Purman

Lieutenant (First Lieutenant), 140th Pennsylvania Infantry

Edgar Pierpont Putnam

Sergeant (Brevet Major, New York Volunteers), 9th New York Cavalry

Winthrop D. Putnam

Corporal, 77th Illinois Infantry

George Pyne

Seaman, U.S.S. Magnolia

Matthew Stanley Quay

Colonel, 134th Pennsylvania Infantry

James Quinlan

Major (Lieutenant Colonel), 88th New York Infantry

Peter F. Rafferty

Private (Captain), 69th New York Infantry

Charles Franklin Rand

Private (Captain), 12th New York Infantry

John Rannahan

Corporal, U.S.S. Minnesota

George E. Ranney

Assistant Surgeon (Surgeon), 2d Michigan Cavalry

Myron H. Ranney

Private (Corporal), 13th New York Infantry

Alfred Ransbottom

First Sergeant, 97th Ohio Infantry

Edward Ratcliff

First Sergeant (Sergeant Major), 38th U.S. Colored Troops

Jacob F. Raub

Assistant Surgeon, 210th Pennsylvania Infantry

William H. Raymond

Corporal (Second Lieutenant), 108th New York Infantry

Charles A. Read

Coxswain, U.S.S. Kearsarge

Morton A. Read

First Lieutenant, 8th New York Cavalry

George E. Read

Seaman, U.S.S. Kearsarge

Charles Read

Ordinary Seaman (Ship's Cook), U.S.S. Magnolia

George F. Rebmann

Sergeant, 119th Illinois Infantry

William Henry harrison Reddick

Corporal (Second Lieutenant), 33d Ohio Infantry

William Reed

Private, 8th Missouri Infantry

Axel Hayford Reed

Sergeant (Captain), 2d Minnesota Infantry

Charles Wellington Reed

Bugler (Chief Bugler), Massachusetts Light Artillery

George W. Reed

Private, 11th Pennsylvania Infantry

Charles A. Reeder

Private (Corporal), 12th West Virginia Infantry

Jeremiah Regan

Quartermaster, U.S.S. Galena

Robert Alexander Reid

Private (Ordnance Sergeant), 48th Pennsylvania Infantry

Daniel P. Reigle

Corporal (Sergeant), 87th Pennsylvania Infantry

James Monroe Reisinger

Corporal (First Lieutenant), 150th Pennsylvania Infantry

Louis Renninger

Corporal, 37th Ohio Infantry

George Reynolds

Private, 9th New York Cavalry

Julius Dexter Rhodes

Private (Sergeant Major), 5th New York Cavalry

Sylvester D. Rhodes

Sergeant (Captain), 61st Pennsylvania Infantry

Charles Rice

Coal Heaver (Fireman Second Class), U.S.S. Agawam

Edmund Rice

Major (Brigadier General), 19th Massachusetts Infantry

Carlos H. Rich

First Sergeant, 4th Vermont Infantry

Louis Richards

Quartermaster (Acting Master's Mate), U.S.S. Pensacola

William R. Richardson

Private, 2d Ohio Cavalry

William E. Richey

Corporal (Sergeant), 15th Ohio Infantry

James Richmond

Private, 8th Ohio Infantry

John Henry Ricksecker

Private, 104th Ohio Infantry

Rudolph R. Riddell

Lieutenant (Brevet Lieutenant Colonel), 61st New York Infantry

Thomas Riley

Private (Corporal), 1st Louisiana Cavalry

Edward Ringold

Coxswain, U.S.S. Wabash

William Young warren Ripley

Lieutenant Colonel (Major General), 1st U.S. Sharpshooters

James S. Roantree

Sergeant (First Sergeant), U.S.S. Oneida

Augustus J. Robbins

Second Lieutenant, 2d Vermont Infantry

James Roberts

Seaman, U.S.S. Agawam

Otis O. Roberts

Sergeant, 6th Maine Infantry

Robert Stoddart Robertson

First Lieutenant (Brevet Colonel NY Volunteers), 93d New York Infantry

Samuel Robertson

Private, 33d Ohio Infantry

George Frank Robie

Sergeant (First Lieutenant), 7th New Hampshire Infantry

Alexander Robinson

Boatswain's Mate, U.S.S. Howquah

Charles Robinson

Boatswain's Mate, U.S.S. Baron De Kalb

Elbridge Robinson

Private, 122d Ohio Infantry

James H. Robinson

Private, 3d Michigan Cavalry

John H. Robinson

Private, 19th Massachusetts Infantry

John Cleveland Robinson

Brigadier General (Major General), U.S. Volunteers

Thomas Robinson

Private, 81st Pennsylvania Infantry

Frederick Rock

Private, 37th Ohio Infantry

Charles Mortimer Rockefeller

Lieutenant (Major), 178th New York Infantry

Theophilus Francis Rodenbough

Captain (Brigadier General), 2d U.S. Cavalry

Ferdinand Frederick Rohm

Chief Bugler, 16th Pennsylvania Cavalry

Oliver P. Rood

Private, 20th Indiana Infantry

George Washington Roosevelt

First Sergeant (Brevet Captain), 26th Pennsylvania Infantry

Marion A. Ross

Sergeant Major, 2d Ohio Infantry

Valentine Rossbach

Sergeant, 34th New York Battery

Stephen Rought

Sergeant, 141st Pennsylvania Infantry

Lewis A. Rounds

Private (Brevet Major), 8th Ohio Infantry

John Rountry

First Class Fireman, U.S.S. Montauk

James Levi Roush

Corporal, 6th Pennsylvania Reserves

Archibald Hamilton Rowand Jr.

Private, 1st West Virginia Cavalry

Henry Walker Rowe

Private, 11th New Hampshire Infantry

Charles Wesley Rundle

Private, 116th Illinois Infantry

John Rush

First Class Fireman, U.S.S. Richmond

Charles L. Russell

Corporal (Second Lieutenant), 93d New York Infantry

Milton F. Russell

Captain, 51st Indiana Infantry

John T. Rutherford

First Lieutenant (Brevet Major), 9th New York Cavalry

James May Rutter

Sergeant, 143d Pennsylvania Infantry

Peter J. Ryan

Private, 11th Indiana Infantry

Louis Jeanottelle Sacriste

First Lieutenant (Brevet Major), 116th Pennsylvania Infantry

John Christopher Sagelhurst

Sergeant (First Sergeant), 1st New Jersey Cavalry

Charles Francis Sancrainte

Private, 15th Michigan Infantry

Aaron Sanderson

Landsman, U.S.S. Wyandank

William Sands

First Sergeant, 88th Pennsylvania Infantry

Jacob Sanford

Private (Commissary Sergeant), 55th Illinois Infantry

Jackson G. Sargent

Sergeant, 5th Vermont Infantry

Henry Sartwell

Sergeant, 123d New York Infantry

James Saunders

Quartermaster (Chief Quartermaster), U.S.S. Kearsarge

Edwin F. Savacool

Captain, 1st New York (Lincoln) Cavalry

Auzella Savage

Ordinary Seaman, U.S.S. Santiago de Cuba

Rufus Saxton Jr.

Brigadier General (Brevet Major General), U.S. Volunteers

Patrick Scanlan

Private (Sergeant), 4th Massachusetts Cavalry

Martin E. Scheibner

Private (Corporal), 90th Pennsylvania Infantry

Benjamin W. Schenck

Private (Corporal), 116th Illinois Infantry

John Schiller

Private, 158th New York Infantry

Philipp Schlachter

Private, 73d New York Infantry

George William Schmal

Blacksmith, 24th New York Cavalry

Andrew Schmauch

Private (First Sergeant), 30th Ohio Infantry

Conrad Schmidt

First Sergeant (Quartermaster Sergeant), 2d U.S. Cavalry

William Schmidt

Private, 37th Ohio Infantry

George Schneider

Sergeant, 3d Maryland Veteran Infantry

Christian Schnell

Corporal, 37th Ohio Infantry

John Mcallister Schofield

Major (Lieutenant General), 1st Missouri Infantry

James Martinus Schoonmaker

Colonel, 14th Pennsylvania Cavalry

Charles Schorn

Chief Bugler, 1st West Virginia Cavalry

Martin Schubert

Private (First Lieutenant), 26th New York Infantry

George Schutt

Coxswain, U.S.S. Hendrick Hudson

Theodore Schwan

First Lieutenant (Major General), 10th U.S. Infantry

Martin Schwenk

Sergeant, 6th U.S. Cavalry

David H. Scofield

Quartermaster Sergeant (Regimental Quartermaster Sergeant), 5th New York Cavalry

Alexander Scott

Corporal, 10th Vermont Infantry

John Morehead Scott

Sergeant, 21st Ohio Infantry

John Wallace Scott

Captain (Brevet Major), 157th Pennsylvania Infantry

Julian A. Scott

Drummer, 3d Vermont Infantry

Elisha B. Seaman

Private, 66th Ohio Infantry

James Seanor

Master-at-Arms, U.S. Ironclad Chickasaw

Cyrus Sears

First Lieutenant (Colonel), Ohio Light Artillery

Thomas Orville Seaver

Colonel, 3d Vermont Infantry

James M. Seitzinger

Private (Sergeant), 116th Pennsylvania Infantry

Alfred Jacob Sellers

Major (Brevet Colonel), 90th Pennsylvania Infantry

Charles H. Seston

Sergeant, 11th Indiana Infantry

Richard Henry Seward

Paymaster's Steward (Master's Mate), U.S.S. Commodore

William Joyce Sewell

Colonel (Brevet Major General), 5th New Jersey Infantry

Philip G. Shadrach

Private, 2nd Ohio Infantry

William Rufus Shafter

First Lieutenant (Major General U.S. Army), 7th Michigan Infantry

Emisire Shahan

Corporal (Sergeant), 1st West Virginia Cavalry

Alexander Shaler

Colonel (Brevet Major General), 65th New York Infantry

Charles Shambaugh

Corporal, 11th Pennsylvania Reserves

John Shanes

Private, 14th West Virginia Infantry

John Shapland

Private, 104th Illinois Infantry

Hendrick Sharp

Seaman, U.S.S. Richmond

Joseph Henry Shea

Private, 92d New York Infantry

John S. Shellenberger

Corporal, 85th Pennsylvania Infantry

Irwin Shepard

Corporal (First Sergeant), 17th Michigan Infantry

Louis Capet Shepard

Ordinary Seaman, U.S.S. Wabash

William Shepherd

Private (Sergeant), 3d Indiana Cavalry

James Sheridan

Quartermaster, U.S.S. Oneida

Marshall Sherman

Private, 1st Minnesota Infantry

John Shiel

Corporal (Sergeant), 90th Pennsylvania Infantry

Bernard Shields

Private, 2d West Virginia Cavalry

John Shilling

First Sergeant, 3d Delaware Infantry

Robert F. Shipley

First Sergeant, 140th New York Infantry

William Shipman

Coxswain, U.S.S. Ticonderoga

John Shivers

Private, U.S.S. Minnesota

Levi Shoemaker

Sergeant, 1st West Virginia Cavalry

George J. Shopp

Private (Corporal), 191st Pennsylvania Infantry

Frank Shubert

Sergeant (Second Lieutenant), 43d New York Infantry

Henry Shutes

Captain of the Forecastle, U.S.S. Wissahickon

Daniel Edgar Sickles

Major General, U.S. Volunteers

William H. Sickles

Sergeant, 7th Wisconsin Infantry

George Dallas Sidman

Private (Corporal), 16th Michigan Infantry

Lebbeus Simkins

Coxswain, U.S.S. Richmond

John Simmons

Private, 2d New York Heavy Artillery

William Thomas Simmons

First Lieutenant, 11th Missouri Infantry

William Edgar Simonds

Sergeant Major (Second Lieutenant), 25th Connecticut Infantry

Charles Jenks Simons

Sergeant (First Lieutenant), 9th New Hampshire Infantry

Ebenezer Skellie

Corporal (Brevet Second Lieutenant NY Volunteers), 112th New York Infantry

Joseph Alton Sladen

Private (Major, U.S. Army, ret.), 33d Massachusetts Infantry

Oscar Slagle

Private, 104th Illinois Infantry

Samuel Slavens

Private, 33d Ohio Infantry

Andrew Jackson Sloan

Private, 12th Iowa Infantry

Henry C. Slusher

Private, 22d Pennsylvania Volunteer Cavalry

Reuben S. Smalley

Private, 104th Illinois Infantry

Reuben Smalley

Private, 83d Indiana Infantry

Alonzo Smith

Sergeant (First Lieutenant), 7th Michigan Infantry

Andrew Jackson Smith

Corporal (Color Sergeant), 55th Massachusetts Voluntary Infantry

Charles H. Smith

Coxswain (Master's Mate), U.S.S. Rhode Island

Charles Henry Smith

Colonel (Brevet Major General), 1st Maine Cavalry

David Lafayette Smith

Sergeant (First Lieutenant), 1st New York Light Artillery

Edwin Smith

Ordinary Seaman (Mate), U.S.S. Whitehead

Francis M. Smith

First Lieutenant & Adjutant (Captain), 1st Maryland Infantry

Henry I. Smith

First Lieutenant (Major), 7th Iowa Infantry

James (Ovid) Smith

Private (Corporal), 2d Ohio Infantry

James Smith

Captain of the Forecastle, U.S.S. Richmond

Thomas Smith

Seaman, U.S.S. Magnolia

John Smith

Captain of the Forecastle, U.S.S. Lackawanna

John Smith

Second Captain of the Top, U.S.S. Richmond

Joseph Sewall Smith

Lieutenant Colonel (Brevet Brigadier General), 2d Army Corps

Oloff Smith

Coxswain, U.S.S. Richmond

Otis W. Smith

Private (Corporal), 95th Ohio Infantry

Richard Smith

Private, 95th New York Infantry

Samuel Rodmond Smith

Captain (Brevet Major), 4th Delaware Infantry

Thaddeus S. Smith

Corporal, 6th Pennsylvania Reserve Infantry

Walter B. Smith

Ordinary Seaman, U.S.S. Richmond

Willard M. Smith

Corporal, U.S.S. Brooklyn

William Smith

Quartermaster (Master's Mate), U.S.S. Kearsarge

Wilson Smith

Corporal (Sergeant), 3d New York Light Artillery

James Snedden

Musician (Bugler), 54th Pennsylvania Infantry

David Southard

Sergeant, 1st New Jersey Cavalry

Joseph E. Sova

Saddler, 8th New York Cavalry

Michael A. Sowers

Private, 4th Pennsylvania Cavalry

Edward Burson Spalding

Sergeant (First Lieutenant), 52d Illinois Infantry

William Joseph Sperry

Major (Lieutenant Colonel), 6th Vermont Infantry

Timothy Spillane

Private (Ordnance Sergeant), 16th Pennsylvania Cavalry

Benona Sprague

Corporal (Sergeant), 116th Illinois Infantry

John Wilson Sprague

Colonel (Brevet Major General), 63d Ohio Infantry

David Sprowle

Orderly Sergeant, U.S.S. Richmond

Andrew Barclay Spurling

Lieutenant Colonel (Brevet Brigadier General), 2d Maine Cavalry

Charles Stacey

Private, 55th Ohio Infantry

Julius H. Stahel

Major General, U.S. Volunteers

David Sloane Stanley

Major General, U.S. Volunteers

William A. Stanley

Shell Man, U.S.S. Hartford

John H. Starkins

Sergeant (First Sergeant), 34th New York Battery

John Whedon Steele

Major & Aide-de-Camp (Lieutenant Colonel), U.S. Volunteers

William Steinmetz

Private (Corporal), 83d Indiana Infantry

William G. Stephens

Private, Illinois Light Artillery

James E. Sterling

Coal Heaver, U.S.S. Brooklyn

John T. Sterling

Private (Corporal), 11th Indiana Infantry

Daniel Dickerson Stevens

Quartermaster (Chief Quartermaster), U.S.S. Canonicus

Hazard Stevens

Captain & Assistant Adjutant General (Brevet Brigadier General), U.S. Volunteers

George W. Stewart

First Sergeant, 1st New Jersey Cavalry

Joseph Stewart

Private, 1st Maryland Infantry

Joseph Stickels

Sergeant, 83d Ohio Infantry

George Henry Stockman

First Lieutenant, 6th Missouri Infantry

James Stoddard

Seaman (Acting Master's Mate), U.S.S. Marmora

George Stokes

Private (Corporal), 122d Illinois Infantry

Frank Stolz

Private, 83d Indiana Infantry

John Hamilton reid Storey

Sergeant, 109th Pennsylvania Infantry

Richard Stout

Landsman, U.S.S. Isaac Smith

Robert Strahan

Captain of the Top, U.S.S. Kearsarge

Bernard A. Strausbaugh

First Sergeant, 3d Maryland Infantry, Company A

Bernard A. Strausburgh

First Sergeant, 3d Maryland Infantry

Christian Streile

Private, 1st New Jersey Cavalry

James N. Strong

Sergeant (Second Lieutenant), 49th Massachusetts Infantry

James K. Sturgeon

Private, 46th Ohio Infantry

John Sullivan

Seaman, U.S.S. Monticello

Timothy Sullivan

Coxswain, U.S.S. Louisville

James Sullivan

Ordinary Seaman, U.S.S. Agawam

James Calvin Summers

Private, 4th West Virginia Infantry

Robert Summers

Chief Quartermaster (Chief Gunner), U.S.S. Ticonderoga

William H. Surles

Private, 2d Ohio Infantry

Charles Alexander Swan

Private, 4th Iowa Cavalry

John Swanson

Seaman, U.S.S. Santiago de Cuba

Jacob E. Swap

Private, 83d Pennsylvania Infantry

Edward Swatton

Seaman, U.S.S. Santiago de Cuba

Wager Swayne

Lieutenant Colonel (Major General), 43d Ohio Infantry

Benjamin Swearer

Seaman (Captain of the Foretop), U.S.S. Pawnee

Joseph Sewell gerrish Sweatt

Private, 6th Massachusetts Infantry

James Sweeney

Private (Corporal), 1st Vermont Cavalry

Jacob Swegheimer

Private, 54th Ohio Infantry

Frederic William Swift

Lieutenant Colonel (Brevet Brigadier General), 17th Michigan Infantry

Harlan J. Swift

Second Lieutenant (Captain), 2d New York Mounted Rifles

Peter Sype

Private, 47th Ohio Infantry

William L. s Tabor

Private, 15th New Hampshire Infantry

Charles A. Taggart

Private, 37th Massachusetts Infantry

William Talbott

Captain of the Forecastle, U.S.S. Louisville

James Tallentine

Quarter Gunner, U.S.S. Tacony

Charles B. Tanner

Second Lieutenant (First Lieutenant), 1st Delaware Infantry

Anthony Taylor

First Lieutenant (Captain), 15th Pennsylvania Cavalry

Forrester Lore Taylor

Captain (Brevet Major), 23d New Jersey Infantry

George Taylor

Armorer, U.S.S. Lackawanna

Henry H. Taylor

Sergeant, 45th Illinois Infantry

Joseph Taylor

Private, 7th Rhode Island Infantry

Richard Taylor

Private, 18th Indiana Infantry

Thomas Taylor

Coxswain, U.S.S. Metacomet

William Taylor

Sergeant & Second Lieutenant (Captain), 1st Maryland Infantry

William G. Taylor

Captain of the Forecastle, U.S.S. Ticonderoga

John Darling Terry

Sergeant (Major), 23d Massachusetts Infantry

Benjamin Thackrah

Private, 115th New York Infantry

Charles M. Thatcher

Private, 1st Michigan Sharpshooters

Sidney Warren Thaxter

Major, 1st Maine Cavalry

Henry Thielberg

Seaman, U.S.S. Mount Washington (temporarily assigned U.S.S. Minnesota

Hampton Sidney Thomas

Major (Brevet Colonel), 1st Pennsylvania Veteran Cavalry

Stephen Thomas

Colonel (Brigadier General), 8th Vermont Infantry

George W. Thompkins

Corporal, 124th New York Infantry

Allen Thompson

Private, 4th New York Heavy Artillery

Charles Augustus Thompson

Sergeant (Second Lieutenant), 17th Michigan Infantry

Freeman C. Thompson

Corporal, 116th Ohio Infantry

Henry A. Thompson

Private, U.S.S. Minnesota

James B. Thompson

Sergeant (First Sergeant), 1st Pennsylvania Rifles

James Granville Thompson

Private, 4th New York Heavy Artillery

John J. Thompson

Corporal, 1st Maryland Infantry

Thomas W. Thompson

Sergeant, 66th Ohio Infantry

William Thompson

Signal Quartermaster, U.S.S. Mohican

William P. Thompson

Sergeant (First Lieutenant), 20th Indiana Infantry

James Harry Thompson

Surgeon (Major), U.S. Volunteers

Clifford Thomson

First Lieutenant (Brevet Major), 1st New York Cavalry

Walter Thorn

Second Lieutenant (Brevet Captain), 116th U.S. Colored Infantry

Andrew W. Tibbets

Private, 3d Iowa Cavalry

William Tilton

Sergeant, 7th New Hampshire Infantry

Eugene M. Tinkham

Corporal (Sergeant), 148th New York Infantry

Charles Titus

Sergeant (Quartermaster Sergeant), 1st New Jersey Cavalry

James W. Toban

Sergeant, 9th Michigan Cavalry

Edward Parsons Tobie Jr.

Sergeant Major (Second Lieutenant), 1st Maine Cavalry

John Michael Tobin

First Lieutenant & Adjutant (Captain), 9th Massachusetts Infantry

Samuel Todd

Quartermaster, U.S.S. Brooklyn

John James Toffey

First Lieutenant, 33d New Jersey Infantry

Andrew J. Tomlin

Corporal (Sergeant), U.S.S. Wabash

Aaron B. Tompkins

Sergeant (First Sergeant), 1st New Jersey Cavalry

Charles Henry Tompkins

First Lieutenant (Brevet Brigadier General), 2d U.S. Cavalry

Thomas Toohey

Sergeant (First Sergeant), 24th Wisconsin Infantry

William Toomer

Sergeant, 127th Illinois Infantry

Ernest R. Torgler

Sergeant, 37th Ohio Infantry

Andrew Jackson Tozier

Sergeant (First Sergeant), 20th Maine Infantry

Amasa Sawyer Tracy

Lieutenant Colonel (Brevet Colonel), 2d Vermont Infantry

Benjamin Franklin Tracy

Colonel (Brevet Brigadier General), 109th New York Infantry

Charles H. Tracy

Sergeant, 37th Massachusetts Infantry

William Gardner Tracy

Second Lieutenant (Major), 122d New York Infantry

Andrew Traynor

Corporal, 1st Michigan Cavalry

Howell B. Treat

Sergeant, 52d Ohio Infantry

Henry Edwin Tremain

Major & Aide-de-Camp (Brevet Brigadier General), U.S. Volunteers

John Tribe

Private (Quartermaster Sergeant), 5th New York Cavalry

Othniel Tripp

Chief Boatswain's Mate, U.S.S. Seneca

Howell G. Trogden

Private, 8th Missouri Infantry

Edwin M. Truell

Private (First Lieutenant), 12th Wisconsin Infantry

Alexander H. Truett

Coxswain, U.S.S. Richmond

Allen Tucker

Sergeant, 10th Connecticut Infantry

Jacob R. Tucker

Corporal, 4th Maryland Infantry

John Tweedale

Private (Colonel), 15th Pennsylvania Cavalry

Voltare Paine Twombly

Corporal (Captain), 2d Iowa Infantry

George William Tyrrell

Corporal (First Sergeant), 5th Ohio Infantry

George Uhrl

Sergeant, 5th U.S. Artillery

Michael Emmet Urell

Private (Brevet Major), 82d New York Infantry

John Vale

Private (Sergeant), 2d Minnesota Infantry

Joseph van Matre

Private, 116th Ohio Infantry

Edward (edwin) van Winkle

Corporal (Sergeant), 148th New York Infantry

Wilson J. Vance

Private (Brevet Captain), 21st Ohio Infantry

John Mitchell Vanderslice

Private, 8th Pennsylvania Cavalry

Joseph E. Vantine

First Class Fireman, U.S.S. Richmond

Pinkerton Ross Vaughn

Sergeant, U.S.S. Mississippi

Charles Veal

Private, 4th U.S. Colored Infantry

Moses Veale

Captain (Major), 109th Pennsylvania Infantry

Wheelock Graves Veazey

Colonel, 16th Vermont Infantry

James David Vernay

Second Lieutenant (Brevet Major), 11th Illinois Infantry

James W. Verney

Chief Quartermaster, U.S.S. Pontoosuc

Victor Vifquain

Lieutenant Colonel (Brevet Brigadier General), 97th Illinois Infantry

Ernest von Vegesack

Major & Aide-de-Camp (Brevet Brigadier General), U.S. Volunteers

John H. Wageman

Private (Corporal), 60th Ohio Infantry

Maurice Wagg

Coxswain (Master's Mate), U.S.S. Rhode Island

John W. Wagner

Corporal, 8th Missouri Infantry

John Wainwright

First Lieutenant (Colonel), 97th Pennsylvania Infantry

James C. Walker

Private (Color Sergeant), 31st Ohio Infantry

Mary Edwards Walker

Contract Surgeon

Jerry C. Wall

Private, 126th New York Infantry

Francis A. Waller

Corporal (First Lieutenant), 6th Wisconsin Infantry

William Henry Walling

Captain (Brevet Lieutenant Colonel), 142d New York Infantry

John Walsh

Corporal, 5th New York Cavalry

George Washington Walton

Private (Sergeant), 97th Pennsylvania Infantry

Martin Wambsgan

Private (Sergeant), 90th New York Infantry

Nelson W. Ward

Private (Quartermaster Sergeant), 11th Pennsylvania Cavalry

Thomas J. Ward

Private (Sergeant Major), 116th Illinois Infantry

William Henry Ward

Captain, 47th Ohio Infantry

James Ward

Quarter Gunner (Captain of the Forecastle), U.S.S. Lackawanna

John Warden

Corporal (First Lieutenant), 55th Illinois Infantry

Henry Clay Warfel

Private, 1st Pennsylvania Cavalry

David Warren

Coxswain, U.S.S. Monticello

Francis Emroy Warren

Corporal, 49th Massachusetts Infantry

Alexander Stewart Webb

Brigadier General (Major General U.S.A.), U.S. Volunteers

James W. Webb

Private (Brevet Captain), 5th New York Infantry

Alason P. Webber

Musician (Principal Musician), 86th Illinois Infantry

Henry S. Webster

Landsman, U.S.S. Susquehanna

Charles H. Weeks

Captain of the Foretop, U.S.S. Montauk

John Henry Weeks

Private, 152d New York Infantry

Henry Cary Weir

Captain & Assistant Adjutant General (Brevet Lieutenant Colonel), U.S. Volunteers

George W. Welch

Private, 11th Missouri Infantry

Richard Welch

Corporal (Sergeant), 37th Massachusetts Infantry

Stephen Welch

Sergeant (Captain), 154th New York Infantry

Henry S. Wells

Private, 148th New York Infantry

Thomas Mccoy Wells

Chief Bugler (First Lieutenant), 6th New York Cavalry

William Wells

Major (Brevet Major General), 1st Vermont Cavalry

William Wells

Quartermaster, U.S.S. Richmond

Edward Welsh

Private (Sergeant), 54th Ohio Infantry

James Welsh

Private, 4th Rhode Island Infantry

William Westerhold

Sergeant (First Lieutenant), 52d New York Infantry

John Francis Weston

Major (Major General), 4th Kentucky Cavalry

Loyd Wheaton

Lieutenant Colonel (Major General), 8th Illinois Infantry

Henry W. Wheeler

Private (Brevet Captain, U.S. Volunteers), 2d Maine Infantry

Daniel Davis Wheeler

First Lieutenant (Brigadier General Ret.), 4th Vermont Infantry

William Macky Wherry

First Lieutenant (Brigadier General USA), 3d U.S. Reserve Missouri Infantry

Edward Washburn Whitaker

Captain (Brigadier General U.S. Volunteers), 1st Connecticut Cavalry

Adam White

Corporal, 11th West Virginia Infantry

John Henry White

Private, 90th Pennsylvania Infantry

Joseph White

Coxswain, U.S.S. New Ironsides

Patrick H. White

Captain, Illinois Light Artillery

John Milton Whitehead

Chaplain, 15th Indiana Infantry

Daniel Whitfield

Quartermaster, U.S.S. Lackawanna

Frank M. Whitman

Private (Sergeant), 35th Massachusetts Infantry

John W. Whitmore

Private, 119th Illinois Infantry

William G. Whitney

Sergeant (Captain), 11th Michigan Infantry

Edward Newton Whittier

First Lieutenant (Captain), Maine Light Artillery

Andrew J. Widick

Private, 116th Illinois Infantry

Franklin L. Wilcox

Ordinary Seaman, U.S.S. Minnesota

William H. Wilcox

Sergeant, 9th New Hampshire Infantry

James Wiley

Sergeant, 59th New York Infantry

George Wilhelm

Captain (Lieutenant Colonel), 56th Ohio Infantry

Henry Wilkes

Landsman, U.S. Picket Boat No. 1

Perry Wilkes

Pilot, U.S.S. Signal

Leander A. Wilkins

Sergeant, 9th New Hampshire Infantry

Orlando Bolivar Willcox

Colonel (Major General), 1st Michigan Infantry

John Williams

Seaman, U.S.S. Commodore Perry

John Williams

Captain of the Maintop (Master's Mate), U.S.S. Pawnee

Leroy Williams

Sergeant (First Lieutenant), 8th New York Heavy Artillery

Anthony Williams

Sailmaker's Mate, U.S.S. Pontoosuc

Augustus Williams

Seaman, U.S.S. Santiago de Cuba

Elwood N. Williams

Private, 28th Illinois Infantry

George C. Williams

Quartermaster Sergeant, 14th U.S. Infantry

Le Roy Williams

Sergeant (First Lieutenant), 8th New York Heavy Artillery, Company G

Peter Williams

Seaman (Quartermaster), U.S. Ironclad Steamer Monitor

Robert Williams

Signal Quartermaster, U.S.S. Benton

William Williams

Landsman, U.S.S. Lehigh (true ship U.S.S. Nahant)

William Haliday Williams

Private, 82d Ohio Infantry

John Williams II

Boatswain's Mate, U.S.S. Mohican

James Alexander Williamson

Colonel (Brevet Major General U.S. Volunteers), 4th Iowa Infantry

Richard Willis

Coxswain (Quartermaster), U.S.S. New Ironsides

Edward Bancroft Williston

First Lieutenant (Brigadier General), 2d U.S. Artillery

Charles E. Wilson

Sergeant (First Lieutenant), 1st New Jersey Cavalry

Christopher W. Wilson

Private, 73d New York Infantry

Francis A. Wilson

Corporal, 95th Pennsylvania Infantry

John Alfred Wilson

Private (Corporal), 21st Ohio Infantry

John Moulder Wilson

First Lieutenant (Brigadier General), U.S. Engineers

John Wilson

Sergeant, 1st New Jersey Cavalry

George D. Wilson

Private, 2d Ohio Infantry

William Wirt Winegar

First Lieutenant (Brevet Captain), 19th New York Cavalry (1st New York Dragoons)

Lewis S. Wisner

First Lieutenant (Captain), 124th New York Infantry

William Herbert Withington

Captain (Brevet Brigadier General), 1st Michigan Infantry

John Wollam

Private, 33d Ohio Infantry

Mark Wood

Private, 21st Ohio Infantry

Richard H. Wood

Captain, 97th Illinois Infantry

Robert B. Wood

Coxswain, attached to the U.S.S. Minnesota & temporarily serving on the U.S.S. Mount Washington

Henry Clay Wood

First Lieutenant (Brigadier General), 11th U.S. Infantry

William H. Woodall

Scout, Major General Philip H. Sheridan's Cavalry Corps Headquarters

Eri Davidson Woodbury

Sergeant (Brevet Captain), 1st Vermont Cavalry

Alonzo Woodruff

Sergeant, 1st U.S. Sharpshooters

Carle Augustus Woodruff

First Lieutenant (Brigadier General), 2d U.S. Artillery

Daniel A. Woods

Private, 1st West Virginia Cavalry

Samuel Woods

Seaman (Boatswain's Mate), U.S.S. Mount Washington

Evan M. Woodward

First Lieutenant & Adjutant (Brevet Major), 2d Pennsylvania Reserve Infantry

John Woon

Boatswain's Mate, U.S.S. Pittsburgh

Charles B. Woram

Seaman (Landsman), U.S.S. Oneida

Joseph Wortick

Private, 6th Missouri Infantry

William J. Wray

Sergeant, 1st Veterans Reserve Corps

Albert D. Wright

Captain, 43d U.S. Colored Troops

Edward Wright

Quartermaster, U.S.S. Cayuga

Robert Wright

Private, 14th U.S. Infantry

Samuel Cole Wright

Private (Sergeant), 29th Massachusetts Infantry

Samuel Wright

Corporal, 2d Minnesota Infantry

William Wright

Yeoman, U.S.S. Monticello

Jacob F. Yeager

Private, 101st Ohio Infantry

Andrew J. Young

Sergeant, 1st Pennsylvania Cavalry

Benjamin F. Young

Corporal, 1st Michigan Sharpshooters

Calvary Morris Young

Sergeant, 3d Iowa Cavalry

Edward B. Young

Coxswain (Wardroom Steward), U.S.S. Galena

Horatio Nelson Young

Seaman, U.S.S. Lehigh

James Marvin Young

Private, 72d New York Infantry

William Young

Boatswain's Mate, U.S.S. Cayuga

John L. Younker

Private, 12th U.S. Infantry

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