Gettysburg - Pickett’s Charge - July 3, 1863 - 3pm to 3:30pm

American Battlefield Trust’s map of the Battle of Gettysburg - Pickett’s Charge

George Pickett’s fresh division consisted of about 5,500 Virginians in three brigades, commanded by Generals Lewis Armistead, James Kemper and Richard Garnett. For the assault, Pickett was augmented by six more brigades commanded by Generals James Johnston Pettigrew and Isaac Trimble, both elevated to division command to replace other officers wounded earlier in the battle. Many of the units under Pettigrew and Trimble had been ravaged by casualties one or two days prior. Two more brigades from Richard Anderson’s division, those of David Lang and Cadmus Wilcox, both bloodied during the July 2 fight, were added to support Pickett.

Around 3:00 p.m. the pre-assault artillery bombardment ceased and Longstreet ordered the divisions forward. Pettigrew aligned on Pickett’s left, supported by Trimble. About 12,500 total men moved out across open, rolling fields broken by fence lines, and the Emmitsburg Road. Pettigrew and Trimble advanced straight ahead, while Pickett’s brigades shifted their formations to the left as they advanced. Without cover, the Confederates suffered severe casualties from Federal artillery.  Their objective was the left center of the Union line on Cemetery Ridge.

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