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The Battle of Fort Donelson - February 15, 1862

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Fort Donelson, February 15, 1862 (March 2019)
Fort Donelson, February 15, 1862 (March 2019)

American Battlefield Trust’s map of the Battle of Fort Donelson

After capturing Fort Henry on February 6, 1862, Brig. General Ulysses S. Grant advanced cross-country to invest Fort Donelson. On February 16, 1862, after the failure of their all-out attack aimed at breaking through Grant’s investment lines, the fort’s 12,000-man garrison surrendered unconditionally. This was a major victory for Grant and a catastrophe for the South. It ensured that Kentucky would stay in the Union and opened up Tennessee for a Northern advance along the Tennessee and Cumberland rivers. Grant received a promotion to major general for his victory and attained stature in the Western Theater, earning the nom de guerre “Unconditional Surrender.”

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