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War of 1812

Roger Hale Sheaffe

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Roger Hale Sheaffe
Sir Roger Hale Sheaffe, 1st Baronet Sheaffe
Lieutenant Governor of Upper Canada, Major General
War of 1812
July 15, 1763 - July 17, 1851

Sheaffe was born in Boston to Loyalist parents, and educated at Harvard. In 1778, he secured a commission in the 5th Regiment of Foot. He first saw action during the French Revolutionary Wars in Batavia and the Baltic. Sheaffe was considered a promising officer, and was promoted to Colonel in 1808 and Major General in 1811. When the War of 1812 broke out, Sheaffe was ordered to Canada, commanding at Fort George. For his defense of Upper Canada, Sheaffe was appointed Lieutenant Governor and awarded a Baronetcy. He was in command during the Battle of York, and the subsequent burning of the city by the Americans. Despite this setback, and being recalled to Britain, Sheaffe continued a successful military career, retiring as a full General in 1835. He died at his home in Edinburgh, Scotland, in 1851.