What our Color Bearers Say




"The Color Bearer specific events, are kind of like going to a class reunion. It is a smaller group than the Annual Conference, many of whom you see at the various events, but because it is a smaller group you have a better opportunity to get to know folks beyond the “Hi how are you.” I contribute to the Trust to preserve hallowed ground but really it is to preserve our history, represented by that hallowed ground and what was done there, which I feel very strongly about. The Trust, in turn, contributes to my continuing education for which I am eternally grateful, and our 20+ year partnership continues." - Lee Wilwerding, Color Bearer

Lee and Ruth Wilwerding, Color Bearers Buddy Secor


"Honestly – We did not intentionally “join” the Color Bearer Society. We just wanted to give money to support the Civil War Trust’s efforts. [We enjoy] just being a part of a group of like-minded folks who support the Trust’s goals.”  - Bernie and Kathy Campbell, Color Bearers

Bernie and Kathy Campbell, Color Bearers Buddy Secor


"We have been involved with battlefield preservation for over 25 years and over the past 18 years under the leadership of CWT, thousands of acres of battlefield which would have been lost to modern development have been saved.  We know that every dollar that we contribute is being used to not only preserve but also to educate us and future generations on the importance of these historic sites.  We have made it a priority to continue to support The Trust as it expands its focus to also protect Revolutionary War and War of 1812 battle sites which are so important to our nation's history." - Rich and Mary Antonucci, Color Bearers

Rich and Mary Antonucci, Color Bearers Buddy Secor


"We all know time is running out. We certainly cannot do nothing. The Civil War Trust gives us the chance not just to do something, but to do more." - Kenneth Ramsey, Color Bearer


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