Civil War  |  Park Day Volunteer Opportunity

Park Day @ Battle of Pilot Knob State Historic Site

Upcoming Event
Saturday, April 17, 2021 @ 8:00 AM

P.O. Box 509
118 E. Maple St.
Pilot Knob, MO 63663-0509

For More Information
Brick Autry
(573) 546-3454
Meeting place
Battle of Pilot Knob SHS at Fort Davidson earthworks
Planned Activities
Local Civil War Reenactor organization will hold their Spring Drill on the battlefield. Park Day volunteers will help staff host this group, guide the visitors, help with clean up and the paperwork.
Planned Low-Impact Activities
Duties: attendance sheets, interpretive sheet hand out, light duty maintenance
History or Educational Activities
Reenactors will perform military drills and reenact Civil War era camp life.
Is there a rain date?
No, the event will continue as planned.

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