Drew Thompson

Drew Thompson is a member of the 2020-2021 American Battlefield Trust Youth Leadership Team. He is in the process of constructing a mobile scavenger hunt app, proposed name Battle Blitz, for a Richmond-area battlefield, such as Malvern Hill. Participants would download the app, create an avatar, and be ushered into a timed blitz to find features around the battlefield. At each location, users would then upload a picture or answer a corresponding question. Completing the hunt, players would be ranked by time and listed on a leaderboard. Battle Blitz would keep field trip groups engaged and learning and push individuals to visit every corner of the battlefield, ensuring the maximum fun and education from the battlefield experience.

“Battlefields embody immense human suffering and striving, connecting us to the past in ways beyond the ability of the written word. The mission of the American Battlefield Trust is exigent to me because the preservation of our nation’s hallowed ground creates profound connections to the past that allow us to fully understand our identity, giving us the grounding to understand where we are going.”—Drew Thompson