Contribute to the Trust’s Inventory of Battlefield Markers & Monuments

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The American Battlefield Trust is engaged in compiling an ambitions inventory of the markers, monuments, plaques and tablets located on America’s battlefields, beginning with the wars for which we preserve land — the Revolutionary War, the War of 1812 and the Civil War. 

We want to authoritatively and accessibly document thousands of battlefield markers and monuments — from the remembrances erected by veterans to the interpretive plaques installed by the U.S. War Department and beyond. Doing so means including images, but with thousands – perhaps tens of thousands – of items to include, our internal archives are not sufficient. 

However, we believe that the collective reach of Trust network will help us make significant strides! We invite members and supporters to upload photos for consideration. Please bear these details of our need in mind:

  • Images need not be of professional quality but should be in high-resolution — ideally 300 DPI, typically the “high resolution” option for images captured on a smartphone. 
  • Rather than dramatic sunsets or angles, we want straightforward images where figures or text are not obscured by shadows. 
  • Our internal files are strongest for the geographic area around our location in Washington, D.C., and National Park Service sites. The need is greatest for sites managed by state or local entities and those furthest afield. 
  • Not all images submitted for consideration will be used, depending on quality and the quantity available for that location.
  • Please note that the Trust is only inventorying markers, monuments, tablets and plaques erected on battlefields, not those in cemeteries or civic environments. 

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Wisconsin Sharpshooters Monument
27th Indiana Volunteer Infantry Regiment Monument
New Market Heights Marker
13th Vermont Volunteer Infantry Regiment Second Position Marker