Daniel Hyacinthe Marie Lienard de Beaujeu

Portrait of Daniel Hyacinthe Marie Lienard de Beaujeu
Wikimedia Commons
Date of Birth - DeathAugust 1711 – July 9, 1755

Born in Montreal in 1711, Beaujeu grew up in a military household. His father, Louis, served in the French army and commanded the post at Michilimackinac. Beaujeu began his service in the French Marines and eventually rose to the rank of captain. He gained valuable combat experience against the British fighting in Acadia. Appointed to command Fort Duquesne at the Forks of the Ohio, Beaujeu left Montreal in April 1755 with a detachment of French and native warriors. He arrived at Fort Duquesne on June 27. Just days later, Beaujeu led his forces into the field to engage Maj. Gen. Edward Braddock's British army at the Battle of the Monongahela. He was killed early in the battle.