Battle of Westminster, aka "Corbit's Charge"

Partner Event
June 29, 2024 @ 10:00 AM - 6:00 PM EDT

Westminster City Hall
1838 Emerald Hill Lane
Westminster, MD 21157

The quiet afternoon air of June 29, 1863 was suddenly shattered by the rattle of sabers, sounds of gunfire, and the thunder of horses’ hooves. This battle featured 108 Union troopers from companies C and D of the 1st Delaware Cavalry clashing against the vanguard of 5,000 Confederate Cavalry troopers under command of J.E.B. Stuart. This brisk fight at the Junction of Washington Road and Main Street has been named Corbit’s Charge after Captain Charles Corbit who bravely led the Union troopers into the fight. Although the battle was a Confederate victory, this act of “suicidal bravery” on the part of the inexperienced and outnumbered Union troopers helped to impede J.E.B. Stuart’s ability to link up with the Confederate infantry in Pennsylvania. This was a contributing factor in the Union victory at the battle of Gettysburg, PA. Each June, the Pipe Creek Civil War Round Table and other historical groups commemorate the tragedy of war that took place on Westminster’s streets and within surrounding Carroll County, MD. The annual event exhibits a great experience for visitors of all ages.
Gary Bush
Pipe Creek Civil War Round Table