American Battlefield Trust Social Media Community Guidelines

The American Battlefield Trust owns a variety of social media channels and strives to build informative, engaging, supportive, fun online communities. These social media channels are a venue for our team to share information, and to foster conversations surrounding the history of America’s first 100 years and why it matters today.

If you post to one of our social media channels, or otherwise respond or comment on one of our posts, you agree to abide by these Community Guidelines. Please bear in mind that the comments and responses that you read on our channels that are not posted by us come from members of the public. The content of these comments—including opinions and statements—posted on our channels do not necessarily reflect the views or mission of the American Battlefield Trust, and are the responsibility of the individuals posting them.

We aim to supply top-notch history content and facilitate constructive dialogue. In order to foster an inspiring, supportive, fun community on our social media channels, we ask that all users heed the following Community Guidelines:


General Guidelines

  • Stay On Topic and Be Respectful.  We ask that everyone show respect for other members of our social media communities. 
  • We encourage and welcome your comments and feedback, provided that you share your viewpoint in a way that is respectful to us and our community, and is on-topic.
  • We reserve the right to reject or remove comments that are not in keeping with our policy and to block or ban users/followers that violate this policy.
  • In addition to following these Community Guidelines, you also must comply with the guidelines of the supporting platform, such as Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, etc.


Content Guidelines


  • We reserve the right to remove postings, as well as links to outside content, sites,  and sources, including words, images, photos, etc., that, in the sole determination of American Battlefield Trust:
    • are libelous, profane, defamatory, disparaging, hateful, harassing, threatening, or obscene
    • are fraudulent, deceptive, or misleading
    • condone or promote illegal activity
    • depict alcohol or drug abuse
    • are inappropriately sexual, offensive, or graphic
    • are derogatory to any person or group based on ethnicity, race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, or political affiliation
    • contain spam, or are intended to cause technical disruptions or harm to this page and its users
    • violate any local, state, federal, and/or international laws or regulations  
    • call for a second Civil War and/or insight insurrection 
  • Do not post the names of any individuals, and/or any other personally identifiable information that could allow anyone to identify specific individuals, such as addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, social media handles, social security numbers, license plate numbers, hometowns, schools, employers, family members,  etc., unless those individuals have expressly consented to be identified.
  • Anyone posting material that falls into any one or more of the above categories may be removed and banned from participating on our social media channels, at the sole discretion of American Battlefield Trust.  


User Content Review


  • We endeavor to moderate and respond to user comments and feedback in a timely manner. Although we endeavor to moderate our channels to help ensure that users’ posts comply with these Guidelines, at no time are we responsible for content other than content posted by or under the authority of American Battlefield Trust.


Content Rights


  • By posting on one or more of our social media channels, you understand and explicitly agree that your posts, and their content, including any and all ideas, thoughts, methods, processes, images, photos, graphics, moving and still images, audio files, etc., may be freely used by us in perpetuity, on a royalty free basis, in any manner and form, in any media, in print or electronic form, including, but not limited to, use on this forum, on our other websites and social media pages, in print publications, and in audio/visual presentations, with or without attribution. Accordingly, please do not submit any comments, content, ideas, or materials that you wish to keep confidential or for which you expect to receive compensation. In addition, when you post in any of our social media channels, your name, likeness, and social media handle will be visible and associated with your post, and you understand and specifically agree that if we use your post elsewhere, we may display your name, likeness, and handle in conjunction with such use.
  • Intellectual Property Rights - By posting on one or more of our social media channels, you covenant and agree that the content of your posts, in whole and in part, including any and all ideas, thoughts, methods, processes, images, photos, graphics, moving and still images, audio files, etc., are your sole and exclusive property, and do not infringe the intellectual property rights of any third party.  If your posts contain intellectual property belonging to third party, by posting such content you agree to indemnify, defend, and hold harmless the American Battlefield Trust, its affiliates, successors, and their respective officers, directors, employees, and agents, from and against any and all liability, judgments, settlements, losses, expenses (including reasonable attorneys’ fees and disbursements), and claims made against American Battlefield Trust, and any person or entity indemnified hereunder based upon, arising out of, or in any way related to claims of such third parties.


Above all, we want to ensure that our social media presence is a friendly, welcoming community where people from our nation and beyond can learn about history, preservation, and historical interpretation. We encourage you to interact with us and others! It is by doing so that we keep our thriving community of preservationists growing. So be respectful, be smart, and help keep our properties a safe and constructive place for community engagement and learning.

Last updated: April, 2022