Students visiting Gettysburg National Military Park, Pa.

Students visiting Gettysburg National Military Park, Pa.

Send Students to Learn History Where It Occurred

The Opportunity  

With our History Field Trip Grant Program, we aim to send at least 12,500 students each year on field trips to sites such as Gettysburg, Saratoga, Fort McHenry, and scores of other historic sites for the next eight years. 

Now, with your help, we will enhance place-based education for teachers and students. We’ll do this by substantially expanding the History Field Trip Grant Program to provide meaningful and inspiring battlefield experiences to more than 100,000 students over the next eight years. 

With a $40,000 grant from board member and education advocate, Steve Newhouse, every dollar raised for this program will be matched. Your gift today helps us unlock every dollar of this match, making it possible to send as many students as possible this year!

The History Field Trip Grant Program

This student program is unique within the history and social studies fields as it not only provides educators with field trip funding, but it also provides participants with free access to lesson plans, classroom videos, biographies, articles, tour guides, expert guides—all necessary components to facilitate a meaningful field trip experience.

Learning history in the places where it happened is a cornerstone of the American Battlefield Trust’s mission. What better way is there than to take students to the places where history happened?

This approach offers a nuanced and a well-rounded educational experience for students around the United States. Field trips to sites associated with the American Revolution, War of 1812, and Civil War make our nation’s formative history tangible for students and demonstrates to them the lasting impact that these events have on today’s society.

Teachers regularly affirm that place-based learning increases engagement, intellectual curiosity, and affinity for history among their students. However, despite the proven benefits of this type of learning, school districts largely omit funding for historical field trips from their budgets.

Please make a gift today that will be matched two-to-one so that students can learn about the powerful history of courage and sacrifice on the battlefields that formed our country.

Remember, your gift will double in impact this back-to-school season, all thanks to a generous board member, Steve Newhouse.

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“We cannot count on an 'if we save it, they will come' strategy anymore. We need to catalyze visitation through the History Field Trip Grant Program to build the next generation of students for our outdoor classrooms, from whence shall we get the next generation of leaders for our country’s future.”
Steve Newhouse, Board Member, American Battlefield Trust

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The History Field Trip Grant Program

The American Battlefield Trust's History Field Trip Grant Program helps K-12 educators fund field trips to Civil War, Revolutionary War, and War of...