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Buddy Secor

An Opportunity of Revolutionary Proportions

Across the battlefields of Fort Ann, Guilford Courthouse and Hobkirk Hill, we have the chance to save 64 acres of Revolutionary War battlefield land. Thanks to a generous landowner and preservation partners in New York, South Carolina and the National Park Service, we only need to raise $47,650 of the $2,115,500 total transaction!  

  • Fort Ann, New York: This site was a turning-point for the Saratoga Campaign. British General Burgoyne suffered severe losses during the attack on Fort Ann, later resulting in an American victory at Saratoga and the creation of the Franco-American alliance. These 41 acres will highlight the story of Continental morale on the rise.  
  • Guilford Courthouse, North Carolina: Lord Cornwallis’ men attacked the Patriots under Nathanael Greene here on March 15, 1781. Despite British victory, Cornwallis lost 28% of his men and withdrew to Wilmington instead of pursuing Greene further on the battlefield. By securing this land, we can further study the actions of the Revolution’s Southern Campaign.  
  • Hobkirk Hill, South Carolina: On April 25, 1781, British Lord Rawdon faced off against Nathanael Greene at Hobkirk Hill in the defense of the British outpost at Camden. The British were victorious, but Rawdon was forced to acknowledge the overwhelming strength of the Americans, eventually abandoning the outpost. The land here marks the Trust’s first preservation effort at Hobkirk Hill!  

With a $44.40-to-$1 match, this is a valuable opportunity to protect the integrity of 64 Revolutionary War acres. Furthermore, by giving $50 or more to this campaign, you’ll become a Trust member for a year and receive our new Revolutionary War map book, Battle Maps of the American Revolution — illustrating clashes from Lexington and Concord to the siege at Yorktown.  

We are in a race against time. Help us protect the places where American Patriots proved their mettle with a donation today.