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Robert James

Help Preserve 10 Acres at Spotsylvania Court House, Corinth, and Champion Hill

The Trust needs your support to help save 10 acres at Spotsylvania Court House in Virginia, and Corinth and Champion Hill, both in Mississippi. With all the potential matching funds in place, your generosity today would be multiplied by $3-to-$1! 

The battles at Spotsylvania Court House, Corinth, and Champion Hill carried an especially heavy cost. Combined, they resulted in approximately 45,000 casualties — a tremendous number of lives, limbs, and livelihoods lost. Many of these Americans paid the ultimate price, and we owe it to all future generations to preserve their memory and our history. 

Please donate today to help honor these heroes. As a special gift of gratitude, if you make a gift of $60 or more today, you will receive a copy of the Trust’s newest book, The Cost of War: A Visual Summary of Civil War Devastation.