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Welcome, Daughters of the American Revolution!

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Honoring Ancestors, Preserving Battlefields

As we approach the 250th anniversary of the American Revolution and the nation’s founding, we invite the members of the DAR to  join the American Battlefield Trust in preserving the battlefields where America’s first citizen soldiers fought and sacrifices to forge the nation we are today.

Building on the Success of the DAR

The longstanding commitment of the Daughters of the American Revolution to promoting and preserving the history and patriotic spirit of our nation's founding era is an inspiring legacy for which all Americans can be grateful.  Through the devoted service of more than 950,000 women from across the country, the DAR has successfully advocated for the preservation of our cultural heritage and the education of our youth to ensure that the memory of the American Revolution remains alive in the American conscience.

The American Battlefield Trust, the nation’s largest battlefield preservation organization, shares the DAR’s belief that history education is the foundation of good citizenship. Together with the support of our dedicated membership, the Trust has saved more than 50,000 acres of hallowed ground, creating outdoor classrooms that teach Americans about our tumultuous first century as a democratic nation.

With your help, we can protect these historically rich landscapes before they disappear forever. We would be honored to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with you as we preserve our history. As a special token of our appreciation, please consider  joining the American Battlefield Trust for the special DAR-exclusive membership rate of $17.76, which will go directly to preserving Revolutionary War battlefields.

Thank you for your service, and for your commitment to preserving American history.