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Kentuckians: Support Battlefield Preservation Legislation

Tell Your State Representative: Protect Kentucky’s Battlefields!

We need your help as a Kentuckian to reach out to your General Assembly representatives over the phone. Thank you for lending your voice to urge your state representative to support House Bill 319 to create a state battlefield fund to support the preservation of Kentucky’s Revolutionary War and Civil War battlefields and Underground Railroad sites.

Please complete the form on this page, and you will soon receive a phone call at the number you enter. Then, simply answer your phone, and we’ll make sure that you’re patched through to the right office. Once your representative or a staff member is on the line, keep the call short and simple:

  1. This is most important: let the person who answers your call know who you are — tell them your name and where you live, so that they’ll know you’re a constituent.

  2. Explain that you’re calling to ask for your delegate’s support of legislation to create a state matching fund for the preservation of Kentucky’s historic battlefields and Underground Railroad sites. 

  3. Provide your representative’s office with the specific bill number for this legislation – House Bill 319.

  4. Consider telling the person on the other end of the line why battlefield preservation is important to you and why it is good for Kentucky. For example:

    • Kentucky has seven Revolutionary War and eleven Civil War battlefields identified as nationally significant and priorities for preservation, and four are either severely fragmented or already lost.

    • When preserved, these the sites serve as open space, protecting sensitive watersheds and habitats, and as “outdoor classrooms.” Battlefields are important resources for the modern military, serving as locations for military “staff rides,” which are exercises in applied history and leadership development. 

    • Battlefields are economic engines for local economies, providing jobs and tourism dollars, and generating revenues for state and local government coffers. Battlefield tourists spend twice as much – the typical family spends $1,000 during a battlefield visit – and stay twice as long as average tourists. 

  5. Above all, be polite — and be concise. When you’re finished, thank the person on the line for their time.

Thank you, now as ever, for your support — and thank you for making a difference.