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Teaching Civics Through Preservation

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How to Approach Your Administration About this Program

Here are some pointers and suggestions from three teachers who have engaged in our preservation activities for several years.


Justification - How Everyone Wins:

- Fundraising and advocacy for battlefield preservation easily meets service-learning requirements.

- Social studies standards are met as well.

- Student advocacy provides great real-life experience and publicity.

- Cross-curriculum activities can be included, including English, language arts, science and math.

- Students learn the value of stewardship.

Before You Begin:

- Arrange for a private meeting with your school administrator.  Calmly explain what you want to do and why.

- In simple terms, explain the Trust’s tremendous track record.  In addition, you may want to mention other programs such as the Teacher Institute, lesson plans, traveling trunk and relationship with various organizations such History (TM), the National Park Service, and National History Day.

- Explain that battlefield preservation creates a great public relations opportunity for the school district.

- Demonstrate how battlefield preservation fits the curriculum. There are tremendous opportunities with service-learning, advocacy, social studies, English and language arts, science and math, as well as gifted and talented programs.

During the Program:

- Be positive and repeatedly share the public relations aspect of battlefield preservation with administration and others involved in program implementation. 

- Remember that you are in charge of recruitment, publicity, organization, encouragement, and so on.

- Involve the PTA and local businesses.

- Keep a sense of humor and stay positive!

- Other faculty members also have projects. Share to benefit both.

After You Have Met Your Preservation Goals:

- Thank the administration, staff, students, parents and community.

- Share your achievements with local media and the school’s public relations department.

- While students are still excited by this year’s experience, ask them to record their insights for incoming students.  This offers post-unit reflection, recognizes students as resident experts, and promotes the idea of stewardship.

- Email us at education@battlefields.org to share your group's success.

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