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Teaching Civics Through Preservation

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Get Involved. Get your class, history club, scout troop, or homeschool group involved with battlefield preservation.  Using our materials, teach the history of the American Civil War and civic responsibility by working to save endangered battlefields across the country.

1. Learn About a Battle

Use our lesson plans — specifically ones focused on particular battlefields and preservation — to study the battles and preservation.  Primary sources, videos, images, and activities are included in these lessons. 

- Battle of Fredericksburg, VA Lesson Plan
Experiencing the Battle of Franklin, TN Lesson Plan
- Civilians Experience the Battle of Franklin, TN Lesson Plan  
- Elementary Curriculum Lesson Plan: Preserving the Memory 
- Middle School Curriculum Lesson Plan: Preserving the Memory 
- High School Curriculum Lesson Plan: Preserving the Memory 
- Learn about a Battle


Take a field trip to a battlefield; create an experience and physical attachment to the Hallowed Ground

- Visit a Battlefield

2. Become a member

You can sign up to become a member and share the resources with your group.  With a membership you will receive: 

- Our Quarterly Magazine, Hallowed Ground
- The Latest Appeals
- Civil War Trust E-newsletter and Education E-newsletter 

3. Help Save a Battlefield

You and your group can help a specific battlefield or find another area of interest for which you would like to raise funds. 

- Save a Battlefield
- Donate to the Education Fund
- Donate to the Civil War Trust

Current Advocacy or Volunteer Needs
Our advocacy and grassroots opportunities can get students involved in speaking out about issues by participating in activities such as writing to local officials or news sources.  

- Speak Out - Lend your voice to help save and protect battlefields
- Park Day - Volunteer to and help a battlefield park

4. Tell Us About It

Share your group's preservation success.  Once you have submitted your donation e-mail the education department and let us know.  

- Email us at education@battlefields.org
- Feel free to send us photos, letters, and video of your efforts