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Buddy Secor

Save Slaughter Pen Farm Forever with a Crucial $2-to-1 Match!

Way back in 2006, battlefield preservationists went above and beyond to save the Slaughter Pen Farm, the heart and soul of the Battle of Fredericksburg, from industrial development with an investment of $12 million – because the history was that important.  

Today, thanks to donors like you, this hallowed ground has been preserved and restored – but our work isn’t over. If we can raise the $400,000 needed to cover the loan payment coming due this year for the Slaughter Pen Farm, an anonymous benefactor will double that and donate $800,000!  

This means that if we can raise $400,000 with your support, we’ll be able to pay off the loan in full! We could retire the debt five years ahead of schedule and save money. 

We have a real chance to save the Slaughter Pen Farm forever and retire the loan. Please help us raise the final payment with a generous $2-to-$1 match by making a gift today!