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Noel Kline

Preservationists Rally for Gettysburg’s Day One Battlefield

There is no more iconic American battlefield than Gettysburg. As preservationists, we know the value of protecting battlefields to inspire young and old alike through their stories and the power of place. However, a protected battlefield can lose its impact when it is hemmed in by development that overshadows it or lessons access.

We know the value of preserving our history and are passionate about protecting the Gettysburg battlefield and its surroundings to ensure that it remains one of the more iconic and revered battlefield sites in America. A proposal now before Cumberland Township officials would allow a 112-unit, multi-building, multi-story apartment rental complex off Country Club Lane. This large project would loom over the adjacent portion of the national park, known historically as the Emmanuel Harmon Farm – land preserved in 2011 and now integrated into the National Park.  This land saw combat as soldiers fought over control of Willoughby Run and McPherson’s Ridge.  The impact from this development in the form of lost history, increased traffic, sound and light pollution, would impact other areas of the Day One Battlefield – including the famous Railroad Cut, McPherson’s Woods, Seminary Ridge and Lee’s Headquarters.

We invite you to join us in respectfully raising objections to Cumberland Township Board of Supervisors about this concerning development proposal.

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