Photos and Testimonials

The Field Trip Fund

The Field Trip Fund has helped students visit Civil War sites across the country. School groups have visited Gettysburg, Antietam, Kennesaw Mountain, Harpers Ferry, and many other sites nationwide.  Hear from participants describing their experiences in words and photos. Teachers: Learn how to apply for a grant for your students!


What students say:

"The entire field trip was a great experience! But lots of schools don't do field trips, unfortunately. I don't think people really understand the importance of field trips any more. They give kids a visual about what they have been reading in books the whole school year! I like school (sometimes) but not many kids do, however field trips always get everybody really excited to learn! And now because of field trips I get to know more about my family tree with the soldier that shares my last name. Thanks again for giving the 5th grade this wonderful experience! I hope other kids can have it, too!" - Sara, 12 (Field trip to Gettysburg, 2014)

"Thanks for giving us the opportunity to go on the field trip. Not a lot of people get to do that.  It was much more exciting to go than sit and read about. PS I really enjoyed the gift shop." - Hannah, 9 (Field trip to Harpers Ferry, 2013)

"Thank you very much for allowing us to go on the field trip to Gettysburg. I had the best time! The best thing was taking the 3/4 mile hike of Pickett's Charge with Park Ranger Cas." - Hank, 11 (Field trip to Gettysburg)

What teachers say:

"My classes were very grateful to have visited such important sites and I know the educational experience will be a cherished memory for many years to come." - Joe B., Ohio

"My class received a grant from the Field Trip Fund and we took our field trip to Gettysburg last Tuesday.  We had a marvelous time and both students and teachers agreed that it was our best field trip ever!" - Georgette, Pennsylvania


"Even now over a week after returning from the trip, students are still expressing excitement over the trip as well as asking questions about what they saw and learned.  It was exciting to hear a number of them express how seeing the battlefield and walking where soldiers fought brought history alive to them.  It was a privilege to take my students on this trip and an invaluable way to help bring alive the importance and lasting impact of our country’s history." - Dan, New Jersey

"Because of this program I was able to take 48 students on an unforgettable trip. We toured the Manassas Battlefield, visited Mount Vernon and laid a wreath in the tomb of George and Martha Washington, participated in a Wreath laying ceremony at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, toured Arlington House, toured D.C., and toured Fort McHenry.  This trip would not have happened without the CWT." - Rob B., Virginia


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