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Noel Kline

Pennsylvania Resident Letter of Opposition

Historic parks and resources play a very important role for those of us who live, work and play in the Keystone State. Not only as venues that encourage recreation and activity, but places that define what it means to be a Pennsylvanian. The Gettysburg region has many resources worth preserving and protecting to ensure that future generations have access to these priceless resources that both inspire and support those who live in Pennsylvania. Imagine the next time you visit the park that the viewshed you have come to cherish has been forever scarred by a water tower or another support structure.

The very essence of the Gettysburg viewshed is now being threatened by a proposed zoning amendment that could change the skyline forever. We invite you to join us in raising concerns to the Cumberland Township Board of Supervisors about the proposed text amendment to the zoning ordinance that would increase the maximum height regulations for “essential services" from 35 to 175 feet in Residential and Residential Medium High Districts in Cumberland Township.

This form will allow you to affix your name to the letter below, which articulates our opposition to the amendment as it currently stands.