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Noel Kline

Local Residents for Saving Gettysburg Day One Battlefield

Each year, millions of tourists and history buffs descend on Gettysburg National Military Park and are transformed by their encounter with its preserved vistas and the inspiring stories of those who lived and fought on this hallowed ground.

For local residents, this very ground plays a critical role in everyday life. Access to beautifully preserved open space encourages outdoor recreational activities such as walking, hiking and biking. It acts as a central congregating point for friends and family. Further, the community's association with the battlefield defines the region, providing heritage tourism and other employment opportunities.

Visitation to the park is a cornerstone of our regional economy, generating revenue through spending at local hotels, restaurants, and other tourist amenities.  But many of these benefits could be lost if we are not careful to protect this valuable but also vulnerable historic resource.

Now, Gettysburg National Military Park is threatened by a land development proposal for a 112-unit, multi-building, multi-story apartment rental complex on land directly abutting the portion of the National Park along Willoughby Run. Known historically as the Emmanuel Harmon Farm, the American Battlefield Trust and other nonprofit park partners helped preserve this land in 2011 – property that witnessed severe fighting between soldiers of the Union First Corps and the Confederate Third Corps on July 1, 1863.

We invite you to join us in respectfully raising objections to Cumberland Township Board of Supervisors about this concerning development proposal.

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