Stones River - December 31, 1862 - 10am to 12:30pm

American Battlefield Trust's map of the Battle of Stones River on December 31, 1862

Phillip Sheridan’s division holds the line as the rest of McCook’s brigades fall back toward the turnpike. The divisions of James S. Negley and Lovell H. Rousseau from George H. Thomas’ corps support Sheridan’s men. Negley quickly found his division was at the apex of a salient in the Union line. The ground there was covered with rough limestone outcroppings and boulders that made maneuvering difficult. Negley’s three brigades suffered severe casualties fighting among the rocks, and eventually fell back to the open ground along the turnpike. To many men, the carnage they saw there reminded them of the slaughter pen of a Chicago meatpacking plant, and the ground is still known by that name today. Brigades from Thomas L. Crittenden’s corps on the Union left are sent to the center as reinforcements.

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